Computer Science Minor


In today's world, nearly everyone needs to use a computer on a daily basis. Not only are people using computers for their own personal use, but businesses need cutting-edge software and mobile- and web-based applications to keep up with these societal needs.

Having knowledge in Computer Science would be a tremendous asset to any major, especially to students in Computer & Digital Forensics, Computer Information Technology and Computer Networking & Cybersecurity. But the Computer Science minor is not limited to students within the Division of Information Technology & Sciences. For example, there is a need in the educational fields for teachers with computer science credentials to teach the younger generations. As an education student, the Computer Science minor will teach you the best strategies to incorporate and teach the latest technology into your lesson plans.

  • Develop the skills to solve problems using computing.
  • Learn how to apply mathematical foundations and computing theorems in the modeling and design of solutions.
  • Acquire a solid foundational understanding of industry regulations in ACM, IEEE, ect., and learn how to apply industry standards to software and system development projects.

Students must complete one of the following courses:


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