Web Development Minor

Why Minor in Web Development?

As the Internet evolves, so too have its uses in our society. Today these environments are used to promote e-Commerce, social networking and information dissemination. Long gone are the days when a web presence was a luxury: today, proper web presence is crucial for the survival of any business. Knowledge in web development will be of tremendous value in any future career.

  • Learn the skills to design, build and manage web sites. Enhance your skills and open more opportunities for you in web development.
  • Develop and manage social networking and e-Commerce web sites using state of the art tools and content management systems.
  • Integrate database management systems into web sites to manage and facilitate the flow of data between users and the web site.
  • Implement the proper server-side programming languages to facilitate the communication between web sites, third-party tools and databases.

Courses in this minor currently include:

Required Courses:

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