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Hear From Program Faculty & Staff

The Virtual Gap Program faculty & staff recently hosted a webinar with prospective students to tell them about the program and answer their questions. We didn't want you to miss out on this great information so have placed the recording below for your viewing pleasure.

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There are two levels of participation in Champlain College's gap program, and both are credit-bearing.

  • Level 1: Virtual Gap Program (3 credits): $5,000
  • Level 2: Virtual Gap Program (3 credits) + one additional 3-credit course: $6,800 (financial aid eligible*)

*To be financial aid eligible, you must be admitted into a Champlain bachelor degree program and meet the requirements for federal financial aid

Note: in addition to program fees noted above, students may incur costs associated with text books. Every effort is made by faculty to keep these costs to a minimum. The current estimated cost is ~$75-$100.

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The Virtual Gap Program follows the Champlain College academic calendar. Each semester is 15-weeks.

  • Fall Semester 2020: Begins week of August 31, 2020
  • Spring Semester 2021: Begins week of January 25, 2021
  • Fall Semester 2021: Begins week of August 30, 2021
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Level 1: Virtual Gap Program
There are three components to the Virtual Gap Program, all focused on supporting you in different areas of growth:

  • Your Mind, Body, Spirit Self: Learn how the cognitive process works and how to take active steps toward prioritizing your own well-being. This understanding and ability is essential to your ability to learn, which is why it's a foundational component of the program, extending the full 15-weeks of each semester.
  • Your Intellectual Self: Develop informed perspectives on issues that matter through a series of thought-provoking presentations and discussions on Big Ideas (Game Theory, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Identity, etc), through International Exploration and participation in Champlain's Presidential Speaker Series.
  • Your Professional Self: Guided by mentors from the Champlain Career Collaborative and Centers of Experience, you will have the opportunity to select from a list of virtual internships that Champlain has defined with our extensive employer network.

Click here to see the full outline of program details.

Level 2: Virtual Gap Program + 3-Credit Online Course
In Level 2 of the Virtual Gap Experience, participants have the option to take one of two 3-credit online courses:

Fall Semester

  • Option 1: Food Writing in Montreal (COR 330). Although delivered virtually, this class offers students the opportunity to explore the world through food. With a blend of writing workshops, discussions, cooking demonstrations and even a virtual dinner party, students will explore different cultures, using food as a portal. The class takes advantage of Montreal's unique mosaic of cultures and culinary traditions and offers students the chance to meet some of the chefs and foodcrafters who make the city's cuisine so exciting. It will also encourage students to explore their own kitchens, neighborhoods and cultural influences. Students will also expand their understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the restaurant business, eating habits and food supplies—and take a look back to other crises in history that have shaped how and what we eat.
  • Option 2: Reading, Writing, and (insert your topic) (COR 102). This course allows students to explore the intersections of reading, writing, and thinking by focusing on a specific topic or theme. Options include Happiness, Gender in Popular Culture, Race in the U.S., and Natural Environment. You will approach the topic through the interrogation of relevant texts and analysis that draws upon multiple analytical frameworks.

Spring Semester

  • Option 1: Business and the Entrepreneurial Mindset (BUS 110). Through real-world examples and hand-on activities, you'll embrace an entrepreneurial mindset that will facilitate your understanding of the major functions of business and the relationships between them.
  • Option 2: Navigating Your Information Landscape (COR 103). Explore questions like: What makes an argument good or bad? What counts as evidence in our post-truth world? How can you understand and assess the truth value of a claim when you're not an expert? In this course you'll learn rhetorical strategies about how to examine arguments and types of evidence in different disciplines and fields of study.
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Champlain College was founded in 1878 and is a not-for-profit, private college accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). Over 2,000 undergraduate students study at Champlain’s campus, located in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. Champlain was a pioneer in delivering online education, and, for 30 years, has been helping students around the world obtain a Champlain education. Champlain College Online has a current enrollment of over 3,000 online students.

A Champlain education is deeply rooted in the belief that students learn best by taking what they learn in the classroom and applying it in the real world. The Virtual Gap Program will model this by helping students grow and evolve through facilitated virtual discussion with some of Champlain’s most renowned faculty and applied learning experiences—an internship, service learning project, or volunteer experience—guided by mentors from the Career Collaborative and Centers of Experience.

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This program is intended for students who have, or will have, recently graduated high school and are planning to attend college but—for varying reasons—want to gain additional insight about the college experience, explore potential career options, and/or evolve more personally first.

This gap year program option will help students continue to move forward during a time where the world has given us all pause. It’s a time to explore what provides meaning, what inspires us, and what good we can bring to each other and the world.

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Yes! Credit will be awarded upon the successful completion of each course. Students will be subject to all policies in Champlain's College Course Catalog. Throughout each course, students can expect to work with faculty and academic support staff, who will provide the resources needed to achieve success.

  • Level 1: 3 credits
    • Fall Semester: Champlain College course PSY 185: Mindcraft: the Psychology of Wellbeing
    • Spring Semester: Champlain College course PSY 285: Mindcraft: Be the Boss of Your Thoughts
  • Level 2: 3 additional credits, earned through one of the following courses:
    • Fall Semester
      • Champlain College course COR-330: Food Writing in Montreal
      • Champlain College course COR-102: Reading, Writing, and (insert your topic)
    • Spring Semester
      • Champlain College course BUS-110: Business and the Entrepreneurial Mindset
      • Champlain College course COR-103: Navigating Your Information Landscape
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Virtual Gap Program participants will be given priority consideration for admission to Champlain College through an expedited admissions process.

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It's free to apply! All you need to do is fill out this application form, and one of our admission representatives will be in touch about next steps.

If you have any questions you can contact us at:

Call or text: 802.625.0201

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Students must have graduated high school before beginning the Gap Program. Applicants must meet the college’s requirements for undergraduate study. Admissions decisions are based on a review of the student’s application and academic record.

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Students who register for the Level 2 Virtual Gap Program, which includes registration for a 3-credit virtual course, may be eligible to receive federal financial aid. To be eligible, you must be admitted into a Champlain bachelor degree program and meet the requirements for federal financial aid. The first step to determine aid eligibility is to complete the 2020/2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (Champlain's school code is 003684).

If you are currently admitted to one of our bachelor degree programs, your program will not change and the gap program credits will be associated with your degree. If you are not already admitted, you will be entered into an Undeclared bachelors degree with the opportunity to change your major at the completion of your gap experience.

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) offers grant programs for eligible students who are residents of Vermont.

Please contact Compass Student Services at compass@champlain.edufor more information about financial aid.

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The program is taught entirely online through Canvas, a leading learning management platform, and Google Meet. The delivery will use a combination of virtual live sessions, group discussions, on-demand informational videos, and guided hands-on experiences. The program faculty and staff will get to know each student personally and support their success in the program.

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All students will need a laptop or desktop computer, with a connected webcam and microphone, and access to high-speed internet in order to participate in the Virtual Gap Program.

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Level 1: Virtual Gap Program (3-credits)
Plan on spending 12-15 hours per week on coursework for your Virtual Gap Program (or more if you want!).

Daily Synchronous Experiences (at least 6.5 hours/week)
You, your professor, mentors, and/or speakers will be together in a live virtual environment using Google Meet:

  • Monday:
    • First 10 weeks: one-hour Big Idea or International Exploration discussion
    • Last 5 weeks: virtual internship*
  • Tuesday: virtual 75 minute Mindcraft well-being course will meet in the afternoons (15 weeks)
  • Wednesday: 
    • First 10 weeks: one-hour Big Idea or International Exploration discussion
    • Last 5 weeks: virtual internship*
  • Thursday: virtual 75 minute Mindcraft well-being course will meet in the afternoons (15 weeks)

*For virtual internship, your team will be part of choosing the experience and time commitment.

Weekly Asynchronous Experiences (at least 6.5 hours/week)
The rest of your experience will be asynchronous—on your own time! You will complete your well-being course assignments, and think about and contribute to discussions about the Big Ideas, International Exploration, and plan for your internship. This will be at least 6.5 hours, but if you choose to spend more hours on your asynchronous time, that is even better!

Throughout the 15 weeks, you will also learn from innovative leaders of our time, who will share their perspective, knowledge, expertise, values, and challenges in conversations with the incoming College president, Dr. Benjamin Ola. Akande, in the Presidential Speakers Series. 

Level 2: Additional 3-Credit Course
If you choose to upgrade your virtual gap experience by adding on an additional Champlain College course, you should expect to have two additional days of live instruction and at least six additional hours of class work expectations.

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We are happy to answer any questions you have about the Champlain College Virtual Gap Program
Call or Text: 802.625.0201
Toll Free: 800.570.5858

Or, if you prefer, fill out the form below and one of our admission representatives will be in touch!

If you're ready to be considered for admission, you can complete our free application here.

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