How Your Application is Evaluated

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All admissions decisions are based on an assessment of the academic foundation needed for success in the required courses at the bachelor's degree level. Strong writing skills are important for all applicants.

  • Applicants are evaluated based on the demands of their secondary school curriculum, grades earned, rank in class, standardized test scores, writing ability, teacher and counselor recommendations and academic growth.
  • Minimum recommended preparation includes successful completion of a college preparatory curriculum, including:
    • Four years of writing- and reading-intensive English.
    • Four years of writing- and reading-intensive history/social sciences.
    • Three years of college preparatory mathematics, at least through Algebra II. Many students take Pre-Calculus, Calculus or AP Calculus as juniors or seniors.
    • Three years of lab science.
    • Two years of foreign language.
    • A full course load of challenging academic subjects senior year.
  • Strong writing skills are important for all applicants.
  • Champlain will award credit for:
    • A score of “4” or better on the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Exam.
    • A score of “5” or better earned on the Higher Level (HL) International Baccalaureate (IB) Exam.
    • A minimum score of "50" or better on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam.
  • All test scores must be certified by our office with an official score report. We do not award credit for Standard Level (SL) International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams.
  • Homeschooled applicants must fulfill the same application and testing requirements as all first-year applicants .
    • High school transcripts should include completed and in-progress coursework with grades and, if possible, a brief course-by-course description.
    • Any courses completed at a secondary or post-secondary school will require official transcripts from those institutions.
    • At least one recommendation letter should be from a non-family member.
    • Only if the student enrolls will we need proof of graduation via homeschool diploma or equivalent from the student's home state or the results of the GED/high school equivalency test.