Transfer Credits

We understand that the process and policy around transfer credits is very important to you and your college selection process.


To be considered for transfer credit, a course must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher. Once your admission file is complete, your transcripts will be evaluated by the Registrar's office in conjunction with the appropriate academic division. In reviewing your transcripts, we will include your courses-in-progress if they are listed on your admission application. The transfer credit review process is summarized in a transfer credit evaluation audit and is sent with your acceptance letter. The information in this audit itemizes the courses and credits that you have completed and associates them with the specific degree requirements they meet when applicable.


The courses and credits that you have completed are evaluated against the degree requirements of the major from which you are applying and evaluated against the requirements of the Core curriculum (our general education for all students). All students at Champlain must complete the degree requirements of their major and successfully meet the requirements of the liberal arts Core requirement for graduation.

Students must complete their final 45 credits at Champlain.

  • Transfer credits — Major: The courses listed on your transcript and those listed as in-progress on your application will be compared to the course requirements in the major that you have applied. A maximum of 30 can be applied to your major requirements

  • Transfer credits — Core Curriculum: Champlain College has one of the most innovative and dynamic general education experiences in the country. Rather than studying Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Political Science and other liberal arts courses in a traditional lecture style, you will engage in an interdisciplinary and interactive learning experience. The integrative style allows for a variety of courses in the liberal arts disciplines to be considered for transfer credit.

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