Creative Media (BFA)

Students in the Creative Media BFA program work in multiple media, eventually declaring three disciplinary areas of focus from our options: Moving Image, Creative Writing, Visual Art & Design, Interaction Design, Sonic Arts, Game Media.

Students are encouraged to combine media in unexpected and innovative ways. Fine arts, experimental and personal approaches are emphasized. In tandem with developing technical and professional skills, students are expected to develop a personal voice in their work. We aim to cultivate your abilities and confidence toward developing and pursuing your own distinctive ideas.

We realize that students will arrive at many stages of skill development. Skill and craft are important, but we are especially interested to see your capacity for developing your own ideas or approaches. Overall, students applying to the Creative Media major should demonstrate their creative talents and inspiration using media and words. The faculty seeks students who are willing to take creative risks, will be on the cutting edge of creative thinking, and will apply art to many avenues and channels.

There are three parts to the Creative Media BFA portfolio.

  1. Creative Media Portfolio Challenge

    As part of your portfolio, please create a new creative piece responding to the theme of “transformation.” This piece can be in any medium (or combination of media) or genre and can address the theme in any manner. You may upload multiple files if need be. For instance, a sculptural piece may be documented from multiple angles. Please limit time-based works (audio or video) to 8 minutes and written pieces to 2,500 words. In addition to the piece itself, please submit a brief statement of 100 – 400 words on your process and intentions in creating this specific piece.

  2. Creative Media Portfolio Work Samples

    Submit five (5) additional pieces demonstrating your creative work. We appreciate seeing your technical skills but we are especially interested in your creative direction. Please submit at least some pieces that demonstrate the themes, processes, or ideas that drive you.

    • Portfolio work samples do not need to be created specifically for this portfolio. They may be drawn from a combination of work done on your own and for class assignments.
    • Portfolio work samples must include work in more than one medium. Since working in multiple media is a fundamental part for the program we want to see that you have a commitment to working in multiple media. So, if you are primarily submitting writing, we will also need to see at least one piece of visual art, video, sound, or some other medium. If you are primarily submitting audio recordings, we will also need to see at least one piece of creative writing, visual art, video, etc.
    • Please limit time-based works (audio or video) to 8 minutes each and written pieces to 2,500 words.
  3. A personal statement of between 400 and 1,000 words

    The faculty want to learn about your creative process, your sources for inspiration, your goals in pursuing the arts, and anything else you feel demonstrates your creative passions and readiness for the program. Please let us know which of the Creative Media focus areas (Moving Image, Creative Writing, Visual Art & Design, Interaction Design, Sonic Arts, Game Media) you think you would be most interested in pursuing, identifying two areas at a minimum.

Acceptable File Formats

  • JPG (5MB limit)
  • PNG (5MB limit)
  • GIF (5MB limit)
  • MOV (60MB limit)
  • WMV (60MB limit)
  • FLV (60MB limit)
  • PDF (10MB limit)
  • MP3 (10MB limit)

Please contact your Admissions Counselor for specific questions on the Creative Media (BFA) Portfolio Review requirement.