Visual Communication Design (BFA)

To be fully considered for admission into the Visual Communication Design major, students must submit the following to Slideroom for Portfolio Review:

  1. One portfolio consisting of five (5) pieces. You may submit up to 10 pieces by making one of the files a multiple page PDF if you wish. Please include a brief description of each piece. NOTE: Please do not submit more than 10 pieces in total.
    1. Your portfolio must include a minimum of two drawing examples rendered in pencil, charcoal, or ink, or any combination. Please include a brief written description of each.
    2. The remaining pieces can be photos or scans of original works or digital files in any of the accepted types. Please include a brief written description of each.
  2. Choose one piece from your portfolio and write a concise narrative statement (between 150–250 words) about the work that answers the following :
    1. Under what circumstances was the piece created (class project, for personal pleasure, for an art display, etc.)?
    2. Tell us about your process for creating it. Which mediums did you use? How does the piece demonstrate your passion for designing and creating?
    3. What was most enjoyable and challenging part of the process when you created the piece?
    4. What do you think the piece tells us about you as a person? How does it convey your values, your abilities and your aspirations?
      : Please be sure to indicate which piece you are writing about.

When applying to the Visual Communication Design (BFA) major, you should demonstrate the depth of your artistic talent, summarize your creative experiences and endeavors, and most importantly, highlight your level of commitment to creating visual work. Please contact your Admissions Counselor for specific questions on the Visual Communication Design Portfolio Review requirement.