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We’ve got current students participating like crazy and posting on our social channels. If you are social media-inclined, may we suggest you join the Facebook group for your Class, so you can see what your new friends are up to across Champlain’s social media universe?

Hint: What we’re promoting below is just the tip of the iceberg. Our clubs and College departments and centers are pretty active across social platforms, but here you can find some of our favorite “official” Champlain locations.

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Class of 2024
Our Admitted Student groups on Facebook are wildly busy once the admit letters begin flowing. We post a ton of useful and amusing content—and our enrolled and deciding students do, too. This year, we have a few special contests we’re running, so be sure to check it out.


All Graduating Classes
Some of our new students are not first-years; they are transferring in from other institutions across the country (yay!). If you are one of our amazing transfer students, click this link to find our other Facebook Class groups. Find yours and jump in.


Main Facebook Page
Want to be in the know about life across the whole spectrum of Champlain? Find out about our undergraduate and graduate happenings, what’s coming out of our Centers of Experience, what Career Collaborative has lined up for students, and much more. What’s going on in the bigger world of Champlain? This is a good place to find out.


Champlain Twitter
The news, the images. Champlain life and happenings served up fast.


Champlain Instagram
Best sunsets you’ve ever seen (actually, though). That and a whole bunch of picturesque pics and pithy captions from life on campus. We’ve got some solid caption game.


Champlain Snapchat
You’ll love our student takeover days, particularly the ones from our students having adventures abroad.


Champlain Vimeo & YouTube
Our life in video: official, and decidedly less so.

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