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Get Ready to Be Champlain Famous!

We created Tell Us About Yourself(ie) as a goofy, off-the-wall way to say “hey” and introduce yourself to your soon-to-be classmates. All you need to do is answer at least 15 of our fun fact questions—make sure you tell us at least one thing no one but you would know—on the form at Then, upload a glamour shot—er, selfie—and you’re done. We’ll be highlighting a few profiles and share your answers with your future classmates.

Featured Profiles

Tell Us About Yourself(ie) is an annual Champlain tradition, and we always have super strong participation. Check out some of the posts below from the first respondents of the Class of 2023 (and Chauncey T. Beaver, our mascot). We’ll be posting new batches as soon as they start rolling in, so keep coming back and Tell Us About Yourself(ie) today!

Tell Us About Yourself(ie)!

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