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There's nothing "average" about the residence halls at Champlain College. We never get tired of touting how our first-year students are all housed in one of the 20 Victorian-era mansions that ring central campus.

Many Champlain students opt to live in the Victorians all four years because they love these gorgeous homes so much.

On this page, you'll find an overview of all our housing options (after all, you'll be here for four years, so you might want to know what other residence halls are out there!). You'll also find step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the all-important Housing Selection Preference Form as soon as you can starting March 1, 2018.

The two things you can do to try to get your first choice mansion:

  1. submit your residence hall deposit
  2. fill out the Housing Selection Preference Form as soon as it becomes available on March 1.

The students who deposit first AND submit their Housing Selection Preference Form first get first housing preference. The Housing Selection Preference Form will be available beginning March 1, 2018, at

A world of housing options

Residence Halls Residence Halls Residence Halls

First-year housing: 20 victorian-era mansions
All first-year students are housed in one of the stunning Victorian-era mansion residence halls that ring the central campus. Everywhere you want to be is close at hand (including beautiful downtown Burlington), and each residence hall is fully loaded with all the amenities that will make your life as sweet as your room, including ultrafast wireless internet access and laundry facilities. BTW: If you love living in your mansion, you can elect to keep living in one—lots of upperclass students do! Read about our Victorian-era mansion residence halls.

Residence Halls Residence Halls Residence Halls

Contemporary residence halls
If you love living super close to where the action is, but lean toward a more modern style, you’ll have fabulous options for sophomore year and beyond. The three newest buildings—Juniper, Valcour and Butler halls—are all named for islands in Lake Champlain. These keep the look of the traditional residential architecture of Burlington’s famous Hill Section neighborhood by having a public face for the street view “ceremonial” entrances. The main points, though, all face into Finney Quad and feature distinctly modern-style soaring windows that overlook the green space. Our other contemporary residence halls likewise have their own personalities, charm, special features and amenities. Read about our contemporary residence halls.

What Will Your Champlain Story Be?

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