Enroll at Champlain

You're admitted! (Woot!)

This is it! The moment you have been waiting for your whole life.

Your first step is to accept your Champlain offer of admission. To do so, simply submit your enrollment deposit. That's it! Once that step is complete, you are officially a Champlain student. (Motivation: Priority for housing placement is given based on the date the enrollment deposit is received!)

Other things you can do right now include registering for Admitted Student Day events and connecting with other admitted students in our Facebook Class of 2023 group.

But first things first! You can submit your secure deposit by clicking on the button below.  Keep scrolling for additional information and instructions.

make your deposit today!

Early Decision: within three weeks of date of admission letter
Regular Decision: by May 1
Transfers starting Fall 2018: within two weeks of date of admission letter

Submitting your deposit is confirmation of your enrollment

To let us know you are enrolling at Champlain, simply submit your tuition deposit. Please note our deposit refund policy:

  • Early Decision deposit is nonrefundable.
  • Regular Decision deposit is refundable only until May 1.
  • Transfer student deposits are nonrefundable.

You will receive a confirmation email of your deposit once it has been processed.

Any other administrative tasks you need to complete before your first day of class will not begin until early March, when the Housing Selection Request Form is available. 

No worries, though! Over the next few months, we will be building out this Next Steps section to include specific information related to financing, housing, academics, and on-campus living. Each section will give you a preview of what needs to happen, when you can start to do it and when it will be due.

The next big step will be to submit your housing request. That form will be available beginning March 1, 2019. As mentioned above, priority for housing placement is given based on the date your enrollment deposit is received. 

After May 1, you will want to check this page for our comprehensive New Student To-Do List. (The easy-to-remember web address is champlain.edu/next-steps.)

We have your back! You got this.

Three ways to make your deposit(s)

1. Submit your deposit online with our secure online form

You will receive immediate confirmation that your deposit has been made.
Deposit now!

2. Make your deposit during your Admitted Student Day

We have a special booth set up, and it’s pretty darned exciting to commit to coming to Champlain when you are actually here, standing on campus, surrounded by your new community. Register for your Admitted Student Day event today!

3. Mail the form from your Admit Welcome pack

Included in your Admit Welcome pack, you will find the correct form for your deposit. Simply fill it out and send it back with your deposit in the self-addressed envelope also provided in the materials.

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