Summer To-Do List

Summer To-Do Hero

This will be your one-stop, go-to guide for everything you need to do before you arrive on campus for New Student Orientation

Over the next few weeks, we will be building out this Next Steps section to include specific sections related to financing, housing, academics and on-campus living. Each section will give you a preview of what needs to happen, when you can start to do it and when it will be due.

It will give you an overview of transition tasks and timing over the next few months. Then, after our application deadline has passed, we will aggregate all of the tasks into a comprehensive list ordered by due dates and provide links to the forms you need to fill out and the sites you need to visit.

Right now there are only three things you need to take care of:

  1. Submit your deposit to enroll (yay!).
  2. Register for your Admitted Student Day Event (yeet!).
  3. Connect with your classmates on the Facebook Class of 2022 group.

That’s it!

The rest of the tasks you’ll be able to complete after March 1, 2018, like activating your Champlain account (if you did not do so during the application process) and filling out your Student Housing Preference Form.

Bookmark this page (or go to to access the full New Student To-Do List after May 1.