Congratulations On Your Admission to Champlain College!

We're excited to have you join our community.

You did it! It's a big accomplishment, and your Champlain College journey is just beginning. We have every confidence you are the type of student who will take full advantage of all that Champlain has for you.

Let's get you started.

Enroll at Champlain by submitting your deposit(s)

Your first step is to accept your Champlain offer of admission. To do so, all you need to do is submit your tuition and housing (if applicable) deposit(s). That's it! Once that step is complete, you are officially a Champlain student.

You can submit your secure deposit(s) by clicking on the blue deposit link below or by mailing in your payment with the form that was enclosed in your welcome packet from the Office of Admissions. 


Heads up: deposit deadlines!

  • Deposits for Early Decision 1 and Early Decision 2 students are due within three weeks of the date of your admissions decision letter.
  • Deposits for Regular Decision students are due by May 1 or within two weeks of the date of your admissions decision letter, whichever is later.
  • Deposits for transfer students are due within two weeks of the date of your admissions decision letter.

Register to come to your Admitted Student Day event.

After you submit your deposit, the next thing to do is register for your Admitted Student Day event. Pick your preferred date using one of the blue event buttons below, and you'll be able to submit your registration online.

We pride ourselves on running the best Admitted Student Day events in the country. Each Admitted Student Day is truly an exciting and uplifting experience for our community, our incoming students and their families. We'd love to see you there and celebrate this big step toward your future.

Register for April 1st Event!                  Register for April 22nd Event!

Get social with your future classmates.

Finally, start spreading the news! Take a selfie with the #ChampAccepts poster we enclosed in your Admitted Student Welcome packet in the background and start posting! We've created a Facebook group for the Class of 2021 so you can connect with your fellow admitted students. Check it out.

class of 2021 facebook group

Connect. Ask. Discuss.

Any other tasks you need to complete will not begin until mid-May. We will be sending you step-by-step directions for everything you need to know. All of that information will also be available on the New Student To-Do List for reference once the mailings have gone out in late spring.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, ask away! Here are some helpful links to direct you to the right people.