Our Partners


Strengthscope, U.S.

The AI Center and Strengthscope partnership creates synergistic opportunities that both expand current theories and practices and explore new ones. Strengthscope helps individuals and teams determine not only what they are "good at," but identifies what keeps them energized, engaged, and doing their best work. With the Strengthscope approach, people become clear about what they excel at doing AND what they enjoy doing, leading to sustainable peak performance.

As a strength-based approach to positive change, the teaming of Appreciative Inquiry with Strengthscope is a natural fit. In addition to organizations identifying their positive core strengths and applying them toward an affirmative topic, they can also fulfill employees' desires to perform meaningful and generative work. What can be better than doing what you're good at and doing what you love to do!? The AI Center and Strengthscope will continually explore how to collaborate and build off of each other's strengths and passions, realizing that the opportunities to help others flourish are endless ... and that it's a lot of fun!