The Stiller Family Foundation

Robert Stiller built Green Mountain Coffee Roasters into one of the most financially successful companies of the past 25 years, embracing and leading business in the notion that businesses can make the world a better place by focusing on social responsibility and providing a great place to work.

When you ask Robert about the secret to his success, he will tell you the key to their management practice was incorporating Appreciative Inquiry (AI) techniques. His commitment to wanting to help other businesses, organizations and communities drive success through effective management and leadership approaches inspired him and his wife, Christine Stiller, to give Champlain College a transformative $10 million gift—the largest gift in Champlain’s history.

As Robert stated, “We believe that to redefine business, it is necessary to introduce new thinking into how business is taught to the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. This is particularly important with regard to the role of the individual within the context of all stakeholders in a corporation or a community.”

Great Faith in Champlain College

Robert and Christine’s two sons, Christian ’12 and David ’12, are alumni of Champlain, and David now sits on the Board of Trustees. They greatly appreciated the career-focused, entrepreneurial education mission that percolates across the campus—from classroom to boardroom.

When announcing the gift, Robert stated, “We have great faith in Champlain College. What [the College has] accomplished over the past 20 years is truly remarkable, and we have full confidence in its leadership and faculty. We want to help Champlain accomplish its goals and vision to become the finest small, professionally- and globally-focused college in the United States.”

About the Stiller Family Foundation

The Stiller Family Foundation is dedicated to helping people help themselves.

The Toundation was established by Robert and Christine Stiller and their three children, reflecting their shared passion for improving people’s lives in meaningful, sustainable ways.

The majority of the Foundation’s work has focused on Vermont. The Foundation supports programs and organizations related to personal development, education and community development through organizations including Champlain College, the King Street Center, Burlington City Arts and Rebuilding Waterbury. Read more about The Stiller Family Foundation

"When you seek to understand and focus on what works, you can form and empower your dreams and make a plan to realize them." —Robert Stiller