As co-originator of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) with Dr. Suresh Srivastva, Dr. David Cooperrider is the acknowledged world expert on Appreciative Inquiry, and he has published 15 books and authored about 50 articles on the subject.

David is also the editor of the research series Advances in Appreciative Inquiry (with Michel Avital), which recently published their fifth volume: Explorations Into the Magic of Macro-Management and Crowdsourcing.

A Selection of David Cooperrider's Books

Positive Organizational Development: Beyond Intervention, Toward the Design of Strength-Based Innovation by David L. Cooperrider and Lindsey Godwin expected 2015 

The Appreciative Organization by Harlene Anderson, David L. Cooperrider, Kenneth J. Gergen, Mary Gergen, Sheila McNamee, Jane Magruder Watkins and Diana Whitney 2008

Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry by David L. Cooperrider, Diana Whitney and Jacqueline M. Stavros 2007

Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change by David L. Cooperrider and Diana Whitney 2005

Encyclopedia of Positive Questions Volume I: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Bring Out the Best in Your Organization by Diana Whitney, David L. Cooperrider, Amanda Trosten-Bloom and Brian S. Kaplan 2001

Collaborating for Change: Appreciative Inquiry by David L. Cooperrider and Diana Whitney 2000

Organizational Dimensions of Global Change: No Limits to Cooperation edited by David L. Cooperrider and Jane E. Dutton 1999

Organizational Wisdom and Executive Courage edited by Suresh Srivastva and David L. Cooperrider 1998

Organization Behavior And Change: Managing Human Resources For Organizational Effectiveness by Thomas C. Head, Peter F. Sorensen Jr., Bernard H. Baum, Therese F. Yaeger and David L. Cooperrider 1994

Appreciative Management Leadership: The Power of Positive Thought and Action in Organization by Suresh Srivastva and David L. Cooperrider 1990

Advances In Appreciative Inquiry Series 

Explorations Into the Magic of Macro-Management and Crowdsourcing. Advances in Appreciative Inquiry, Volume 5 edited by David L. Cooperrider, Lindsey Godwin and Brodie Boland 2012

Organizational Generativity: The Appreciative Inquiry Summit and a Scholarship of Transformation. Advances in Appreciative Inquiry, Volume 4 edited by David L. Cooperrider, Michel Avital, Danielle Zandee, Lindsey Godwin and Brodie Boland 2012

Positive Design and Appreciative Construction: From Sustainable Development to Sustainable Value. Advances in Appreciative Inquiry, Volume 3 edited by Tojo Thatchenkery, David L. Cooperrider, Michel Avital and Danielle Zandee 2010

Designing Information and Organizations with a Positive Lens. Advances in Appreciative Inquiry, Volume 2 edited by Michel Avital, Richard J. Boland and David L. Cooperrider 2008

Constructive Discourse and Human Organizations. Advances in Appreciative Inquiry, Volume 1 edited by David L. Cooperrider and Michel Avital 2004

Special Themed Issues of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Edited by David Cooperrider

The Positive Psychology of Sustainable Enterprise edited by Ronald Fry and David L. Cooperrider 2012

Designing Management Education edited by Ronald Fry and David L. Cooperrider 2010

Managing by Design edited by Ronald Fry and David L. Cooperrider 2010

Innovative Stakeholder Engagement edited by Ronald Fry and David L. Cooperrider 2009 

A Selection of David Cooperrider's Articles 

"Appreciative Inquiry in Organizational Life" by David L. Cooperrider and Suresh Srivastva in Research in Organizational Change and Development 1987

"Appreciative Inquiry: Rethinking Human Organization Toward a Positive Theory Of Change" by David L. Cooperrider, Peter F. Sorensen Jr., Diane Whitney and Therese F. Yaeger in Team Performance Management 6, 2000

"A Positive Revolution in Change: Appreciative Inquiry" by David L. Cooperrider and Diana Whitney in Public Administration and Public Policy 87, 2001

"Positive Image, Positive Action: The Affirmative Basis of Organizing" by David L. Cooperrider in Appreciative Management and Leadership 1990

"Generative Metaphor Intervention: A New Approach for Working with Systems Divided by Conflict and Caught in Defensive Perception" by Frank J. Barrett and David L. Cooperrider in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 26.2, 1990

"Social Construction and Appreciative Inquiry: A Journey in Organizational Theory" by David L. Cooperrider, Frank Barrett and Suresh Srivastva in Management and Organization: Relational Alternatives to Individualism 1995

"The 'Child' as Agent of Inquiry" by David L. Cooperrider in OD Practitioner 28.1, 1996