AI World Inquiry

Curious to know how Appreciative Inquiry has affected lives and organizations? The purpose of the AI World Inquiry is to uplift the ways in which AI has helped bring positive change into the world. We've collected stories from across the globe about the transformational effect of AI—over 65 and growing. You can view the highlight reel below or check out our youtube playlists here.

Want to Participate?

Here's how:

  1. Consider the below questions:

    How, where, when and by whom were you introduced to AppreciativeInquiry? What compelled you most about it? What is it about AI that you connect with most?

    Where and how has AI made a difference in your life and work? How has AI changed things for you? How has AI brought out the best in you personally and or professionally? (In the way you work, do business, in your family,etc.) Please tell a story that highlights how AI has had an impact on your life and/or work.

    Can you recall a time when being aware of AI philosophy and principles helped you accomplish something you had thought impossible or it allowed something powerful and unexpected to emerge--for yourself, others, organizations or communities? What happened? Who was involved? What role did you and others play? What were the short and long term impacts of using an AI approach-on individuals and on the system as a whole? Please tell the story in as much detail as possible.

    One of the beauties of AI is that it can be adapted and reimagined depending upon the needs of the situation in which it is being applied. Have you had an opportunity to create innovations to the original 4-D process? What did your innovations look like? How have you used them? Please share an example of your innovations using AI.
  2. On your own or with a partner, record your answers to the questions. You are welcome to answer as many or as few of the questions as you like.
  3. Once finished, please send the video to the Cooperrider Center via this email address:
  4. Technical issues? Email us!
  5. Interested in participating in a zoom interview to share your story? Email us!

We'll add videos to our youtube channel as well as possibly compile videos into a highlights reel to be shared at conferences or on the Center's social media pages.

To Learn More

To learn more about the vision for this World Inquiry, we invite you to listen to this podcast conversation between Ada Jo Mann and Robyn Stratton-Berkessel: A World Inquiry: The Impacts of Appreciative Inquiry across the World.