What Cooperrider Center Clients Say

"In November 2012, the Vermont Federal Executive Association (VTFEA) convened its first ever summit at Champlain College on Energizing the VTFEA:  Leveraging the Resources of the Federal Government in Vermont, for Vermont. Prior to the summit, the VTFEA experienced low organizational commitment, visibility, and purpose.  But, with the help of Champlain, the summit was a resounding success, and two years later, the VTFEA is not only surviving, but thriving.  The summit not only reenergized our organization, but the ideas and vision we created during the summit is now the foundation for our strategic plan.  We couldn't have been so successful if it wasn't for Champlain's dedicated staff and fantastic accommodations!" —Lisa Rees, President VTFEA

Recent Clients

We work with a variety of organizations, both for-profit and in the social sector, around the country. Our clients have included: