Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner Certification Program

Our Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Practitioner Certification Program is a hybrid residency/online program. It includes foundational training in AI and experiential learning opportunities in tools and techniques for applying the principles of Appreciative Inquiry in a variety of settings and levels within any organizational system.

If you're interested in receiving an Appreciative Inquiry certification online, read on to learn how Champlain College can help.

The Details

This program presents a proven approach to accelerating organizational change by showing how to focus on and leverage the core strengths of any organizational system. Through a combination of coursework and fieldwork, you'll learn how and why Appreciative Inquiry works; explore the power of questions to effect positive change in any situation; and discover how to engage others in the process for lasting results. By working on an application project specific to your own organization, you will have the opportunity to create positive change that bridges high ideals with a results-oriented mindset.


  • How and why Appreciative Inquiry works
  • The underlying theory and principles behind AI
  • AI 4D Framework for Positive Change
  • The power of questions for positive change
  • Examples of AI around the world—case studies, stories, and illustrations
  • Cutting-edge methods and tools used to create positive change
  • AI applications at all organizational levels—interpersonal, team, strategic planning, and whole-system
  • How to apply AI in your own organization

Coursework for Certification:

Part 1: Foundations

Choose either the 12-week online or 3-day in-residence Foundation course, both of which lay the groundwork for understanding how and why AI works and exploring ways to use AI in your own organization.

Part 2: Fieldwork

Through periodic, internet-mediated sessions, coaching, and conference calls with Center faculty and global AI thought leaders, you will create a portfolio of personalized AI applications including:

  • A customized design plan for an AI workshop

  • Personalized appreciative interview guides used for data collection and thematic analysis

  • An AI application project tailored to your interests and organization's needs

  • A reflective journal that incorporates your learning across the certification process, documenting applications and outcomes of the AI methodologies you are exploring

Part 3: In-Residence Capstone

A 3-day, culminating learning experience where you will share your lessons and insights, and explore not only best practices but also future trends in the field of positive organization development and change.

Independent Study starts in Spring 2020. 

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