Developing an Appreciative Mindset

January 20 - February 16, 2020

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Developing an Appreciative Mindset

Gain preliminary exposure to Appreciative Inquiry and how to begin to apply it within your own life. Through an interactive online portal with readings, videos, online discussions, and personal application opportunities, explore a new appreciative topic each week. Learning applications are designed to provide you with experiences in AI's unique form of delivery through interviewing and inquiry. There is an emphasis on journals, reflection, and sharing learning through online discussions.

Weekly Topics:

  1. Week 1: Appreciative Living
  2. Week 2: The Elevation of Strengths
  3. Week 3: The Spectrum of AI Applications
  4. Week 4: Personal and Professional Applications

Elements of Each Weekly Module

OVERVIEW: Brief details of learning aims

RESOURCES: Readings/videos for your self-directed review

APPLICATIONS: Activities to put your learning into practice

DISCUSSIONS: Online forum to share and reflect with other participants

LIVE MEETINGS: A "real time" conference call for us to connect as a learning community.
Live meetings will be recorded and made available aferward.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and apply the principles of AI to your personal life
  • Better recognize your own strengths and the strengths of others
  • Begin crafting your own AI inspired applications for your personal and/or professional life


Sue James

Sue James, Appreciative Inquiry InstructorAn Appreciative Inquiry practitioner for almost 20 years, Sue James is based in Melbourne, Australia, from where she works with a wide range of individuals and organisations across community, non-profit and business sectors.

All her work is based on the foundational principles of Appreciative Inquiry and incorporates the components and qualities of Appreciative Intelligence®.

She has delivered many training programs on Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Intelligence® for a wide range of organisations and community groups. Examples of successful projects she has completed, based on Appreciative Inquiry, include strategic planning and stakeholder engagement for state and local government, community consultations for streetscape development initiatives and the creation of a Scholar Leadership Development Program for Petronas.

As part of her involvement with the global Appreciative Inquiry community, Sue has also acted in a voluntary capacity to establish and manage the online hosting teams for World AI Conferences in Miami (2005) and Nepal (2009), as well as to create the website and online presence for the World AI conference in Johannesburg (2015).

As BJ Seminars International, Sue partners with Chris Bennett with whom she co-developed their unique AQ-KQ® framework - Appreciative Intelligence® and Kinaesthetic Intelligence, This framework draws on Appreciative Inquiry, Tai Chi and other strength-based approaches, uniting 'head, heart and hands' in very practical ways, to help people reframe and re-energize their lives and their work.

Prior to her work as a consultant and facilitator, Sue's career path began as a secondary school teacher with the Victorian Education Department and has since included family mediation, tertiary teaching, community capacity-building, program management and leadership development. Throughout her working life, in all these roles, her focus has always been on recognising, identifying and building on strengths. So, as she often says, her initial introduction to Appreciative Inquiry 'felt like coming home'.