Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry Training

Are you inspired to bring Appreciative Inquiry alive for your organization or clients?

Join us for this 3-day Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry Training (FAIT) to learn essential facilitation skills for conducting successful Appreciative Inquiry workshops. This advanced training equips you with the skills and materials necessary to deliver top-quality Appreciative Inquiry workshops to create dynamic positive change in your or your client's teams, organizations, and communities.

You may have learned a great deal about the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy, core principles, the science behind why it works, the 5-D process, and some of the most common tools used such as defining the affirmative topic, crafting affirmative questions, and stakeholder mapping. You may have participated in an AI workshop or summit and know firsthand the power of this strengths-focused approach to build deep connections, heighten collaboration, create a common vision, encourage innovation, and to catalyze a shared and lasting commitment to action that achieves sustainable results. While this knowledge forms a strong foundation for your journey as an AI practitioner, it may not fully prepare you to LEAD Appreciative Inquiry processes!

By integrating your previous knowledge of AI with critical core facilitation competencies, you will be able to confidently lead a group through the 5-D process-beginning with Pre-workshop interviews, continuing throughout the one-day AI workshop, and sustained through Post-workshop documentation and support.

Learning Outcomes

Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry Training will give you the practice, tools, templates, and step-by-step detailed instructions to skillfully facilitate AI workshops, including what to do before, during, and after the workshop to get the most out of an Appreciative Inquiry Process. Here are some things you'll learn how to do:

  • Pre-workshop
    • Create collaborative client or organizational relationships to help them embrace this strengths-focused approach to problem solving
    • Define: Facilitate key stakeholder interviews to determine the affirmative topic and outline desired outcomes
    • Modify Facilitator and Participant materials to align with the client or organization's affirmative topic and desired outcomes
    • Plan a welcoming and productive meeting space to enable full participant engagement
  • During the workshop
    Lead participants through each phase of the 5-D process, using a variety of facilitation tools to gather, narrow, and choose the information that will enable the group to move to the next phase. Some of these tools include:
    • Discover: Set up the group for discovery interviews and supporting them in mining themes to identify the organization's 'Positive Core'
    • Dream: Lead the group through guided visualization, brainstorming, creative enactments, and vision statements to create their vision of a positive future
    • Design: Use affinity diagramming and rapid prototyping to initiate design of strategic pathways for achieving their vision
    • Deliver: Guide them to create flow charts to translate design ideas into inspired, participant-created action plans. Assist the group to name their individual commitments for moving forward to create positive change and to reflect on their experience
  • Post-workshop
    • Document the workshop and support next steps, including identifying avenues for ongoing communication and collaboration among design groups if desired

Training Package

As a result of attending Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry Training,you'll have everything you need to begin facilitating Appreciative Inquiry one-day workshops.

  • Facilitators Guide, including detailed facilitation notes and step-by-step instructions
  • Customizable PowerPoint slides
  • Customizable Participant Workbook
  • Listing of FAIT-Trained Facilitators on Appreciative Pathways website
  • Additional examples, resources, and templates of actual client workbooks and accompanying detailed facilitation notes used in delivering half-, full-, and 1.5-day workshops.
  • One hour of free design coaching following the training. Additional coaching is available.

In addition, you'll complete a "Highpoint Interview" with your learning peers to determine your core strengths as a facilitator. These positive core strengths will be practiced throughout the workshop to help you enhance facilitation skills, encourage participant engagement, and achieve the workshop's desired outcomes.

Who Will Benefit fromFacilitating Appreciative Inquiry Training?

Facilitators, consultants, and organizational change leaders with an interest in learning more about how to create positive change through facilitation of the strengths-focused methodology of Appreciative Inquiry. To benefit most from this advanced training, participants will have experience and foundational knowledge of Appreciative Inquiry from learning opportunities such as:

  • The David Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry (DCCAI) 4-week online course "Developing an Appreciative Mindset"
  • The Cooperrider Center's 3-day face-to-face or 12-week online "Foundations in AI" course
  • AI Certification from the Cooperrider Center, the Center for Appreciative Inquiry, the Corporation for Positive Change, the Weatherhead School of Business, the Flourishing Leadership Institute (LEAF), and current and past participation in Champlain College's Positive Organizational Development Certification

Others interested in participating in FAIT without formal AI training may also benefit from this training if they have completed significant self-learning about the core principles, underlying science, methodology and frameworks of Appreciative Inquiry. Additional pre-training reading and other and other preparatory learning to be determined on a case-by-case basis through conversation with one of the instructors.

Partner Organization

The Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry Training is offered on a regular basis in collaboration with the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry. Customized trainings for organizations or industry groups can be arranged.  

Cost: $1950


Three-day in-person training to be scheduled for June 2020 will include lunches and coffee breaks during the training. Training is limited to 10 to maximize small group experiential learning.  


Jane DieterMARY JANE DIETER Mary Jane, the founder of Appreciative Pathways, is a facilitator who guides organizations and communities to discover, analyze, and leverage their collective strengths to co-create their desired future. For the past nine  years, Mary Jane has used Appreciative Inquiry as the foundation for her facilitation approach because of her belief that the best way to create positive change is to ask questions of the whole system about what works and why. In addition to the face-to-face Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry Training (FAIT) she and Liz Corcoran offer in collaboration with The Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry, Mary Jane also teaches others who are inspired to learn more about Appreciative Inquiry through The Center's 4-week online "Developing an Appreciative Mindset" course and the 12-week online "Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry" course. Mary Jane holds a Certificate in Appreciative Inquiry from the Center and is also a Member of their Council of Practice. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University and her Masters of Social Work from the University of Southern California.

Liz CorcoranLIZ CORCORAN, Impact Performance Group, SVP.
Liz leads a team that specializes in research, program design, development, and facilitation of custom leadership, sales, and service solutions that enable organizations to deepen client relationships and ignite employee engagement. Over the past twenty years, Liz has worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies to enhance sales productivity, increase service effectiveness, and enable leadership and coaching skills in financial markets, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail industries. Her consulting engagements involve using Appreciative Inquiry to explore current processes and practices, performance enhancement opportunities, and strategic initiatives that achieve tangible returns on investment. Liz is a Certified Practitioner in Appreciative Inquiry, is certified as a Strengthscope Practitioner/Leader/Team, is finishing her practicum for Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification, and Certification as an International Coaching Federation Associate. Liz is the President of the International Positive Psychology Association's Work & Org Division. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Marketing from Boston College and a Masters of Business Administration from New York University in Finance and Accounting. Liz will be attending UPenn Masters in Applied Positive Psychology in Fall'19. She resides in Wellesley, Massachusetts with her husband, Joe, and her three children.