The Journey to the WPEA

A critical first step to the Accelerator was the Steering Committee Meeting. Held at Champlain College on September 14-15, the Steering Committee had 105 members from 17 countries: The Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, Mexico, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Canada, Nepal, France, Chile, Australia, the UAE, Belgium, Costa Rica, and the United States. It included teachers, students, headmasters, researchers, CEOs, consultants, philanthropists and foundations.

The team collaboratively designed the June 2018 event by:

  1. Identifying critical stakeholders and stakeholder groups that represent the whole system
  2. Planning how to engage these stakeholders
  3. Establishing event tasks and objectives
  4. Thinking about long-term goals and potential outcomes of the Summit

Subgroups will continue to collaborate between now and June 2018 to ensure the Accelerator brings together a catalytic mix of stakeholders capable of turning inspiration into action!

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June 25-28, 2018 | Fort Worth Convention Center | Texas

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