Visualizing Appreciative Inquiry

Visualizing Appreciative Inquiry

The Details 

Please join us for an exciting 2.5-day program dedicated to learning how to integrate Appreciative Inquiry with the power of visual thinking! This program will be fun, creative and dynamic. It's goal: learning how to connect our emotional and rational worlds in order to leverage our highest creative potential. Learn to use visual language as part of your facilitation and coaching practice. Inspire collective learning and collaboration by capturing stories with images and words creating a common framework that can be shared, understood and remembered. This learning experience will use our whole brain (Left/Right) — the analytical and the creative imagination! You will leave the program with a set of visual tools that will deepen your AI practice with new skills for drawing out the positive core of yourself and others.

"We are lucky to be living in an era in which the emergence

of visual language will create new possibilities

for human creativity and communication"

                                                                                                            - Bob Horn"Visual Language -GlobalCommunication for the 21st Century"

Program Takeaways

  • Reclaim your natural ability to communicate visually by making the implicit, explicit.

  • You will learn techniques for graphic recording - lettering, drawing basic universal shapes - and develop a repertoire of simple icons and metaphors to illustrate different concepts.

  • Practice working on large mural-sized wall charts and in personal journals, mapping out thinking, vision and action plans.

  • Develop and enhance the art of "Appreciative Listening" as you learn to use visual language to capture and synthesize stories, dialogue, interviews and group discussions.

  • Become skilled at designing and co-creating visual templates and graphic frameworks to coach and facilitate the AI Personal Vision process.

  • Learn the cognitive, physiological and psychological importance of activating creative design and appreciative thinking.

The Facilitators 

Diana Arsenian // Graphic Facilitator

Diana is an internationally recognized consultant who uses graphic facilitation to enable strategic thinking, reflection, and change at individual, organizational, and cross-organizational settings. A former art director and senior consultant with The Grove Consultants International, Diana uses images and words to capture information and ideas that emerge from conversations. This, in turn, helps individuals and participants in meetings and gatherings to truly see and understand their shared ideas, and to effectively collaborate in building off of them. A graphic facilitator of choice for leading corporate 500 clients, NGOs, Foundations and multiple governmental agencies. Fluency in English and Spanish allows her to work seamlessly across continents and cultures.

She has worked closely with David Cooperrider and Appreciative Inquiry for the past 20 years and applies this methodology to her graphic coaching practice. On her free time she nurtures her passion for art and brings the life energy she finds in painting into her work. She is also a licensed SoulCollage facilitator, trained by it's creator Seena Frost, and leads creativity workshops & retreats.

Matthew R. Moehle, Ph.D. // AI Educator

Matt brings his passion for Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based approaches to his work with formal and informal education, learning systems, and applications of educational psychology. Matthew currently the Associate Program Director and Associate Professor in the Field-Based Graduate Programs in Education at Southern New Hampshire University. 

A former public school teacher, he has particular interests in creating and enhancing sustainable learning systems, fostering lifelong learning, embedding strengths-based youth development into school systems, and enabling multi-generational teaching and learning. He has worked with a variety of organizations, from schools and universities to corporations and not-for-profitorganizations. Matt is also the editor of the Appreciative Inquiry Resources column for an international

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"Robert Collier once said, "The source and center of all man's creative power. . . is his power of making images, or the power of imagination." This is what we do in our work with Appreciative Inquiry; we help organizations and individuals envision new images of what is possible in their future.  And one of the most powerful tools to support this work is graphic facilitation. Whether a small team meeting or a summit of 1000, I have seen how infusing graphic facilitation into a process can be transformational. In this craft, Diana Arsenian is literally the best I have ever seen. Almost like a spiritual channel she tunes into the voices of a community and reflects back, in images and colors, everything important that they are saying. It's an empathic art  and skill that is experienced by the group as a gift. People are awed by what they have said. I've seen how it moves groups to new heights: in our strategic planning work with the Navy, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and many more. And you can learn this art. Diane is so special. She is a gift!"

~ David Cooperrider