AT&T Cybersecurity Program Options


The following Badge opportunities are approved by AT&T for managers to receive tuition reimbursement; employees who are not managers should speak directly with your supervisor and/or refer to the appropriate HR OneStop tuition page to determine your reimbursement eligibility and process.

AT&T Cybersecurity Badge Programs

The AT&T Badge is an internal credential developed specifically for AT&T through collaboration between AT&T security professionals and the Champlain College Online cybersecurity program experts. This program is available only to AT&T employees and is not an official Champlain College Online program.

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AT&T employees will earn the AT&T Cybersecurity Fundamentals badge after successfully completing two courses (CYBR 210 and CYBR 240) Pre-requisites include: CMIT-130CMIT-135, and NETW-215 

Course NumberCourse NameATT Course No.Duration
CYBR 210 Foundations of Cybersecurity 61091490 7 Weeks
CYBR 240 Networking & Security 61091491 7 Weeks
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AT&T employees will earn the AT&T Cybersecurity Advanced badge after successfully completing four courses (CYBR 335CYBR 310CYBR 410 and  CYBR 420) Pre-requisites include:  CYBR 210

Course NumberCourse NameATT Course No.Duration
CYBR 310 Mobile Security 61091492 7 Weeks
CYBR 335 Ethical Hacking 61091494 7 Weeks
CYBR 410 Emerging Threats & Defenses 61091495 7 Weeks
CYBR 420 Policy Analysis & Implementation 61091496 7 Weeks
NOTE: Because CYBR 210 is a required prerequisite, students applying for the Advanced Badge should know they are only one course away (CYBR 240) from earning the Gold Badge and may want to apply for that program instead.
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AT&T employees will earn the AT&T Cybersecurity Gold Badge (certificate of course completion) after successful completion of all six courses included in the Fundamentals Badge and the Advanced Badge.  This Gold Badge (certificate of course completion) signifies completion of the requirements for both Badges and will be awarded in addition to the other two Badges.   

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AT&T Badge to Bachelor's

Upon completion of the Gold Badge, AT&T employees have the opportunity to earn their bachelor's degree in cybersecurity from Champlain College Online. Not only do you start with 18 credits under your belt from the Badge, but Champlain will also review all your transcripts from prior college experience, professional certifications or trainings, military trainings, and more to look for up to 90 additional credits you can transfer in toward your bachelor's degree in order to get you to completion faster! 

Cybersecurity Undergraduate Certificate

Upon completion of the AT&T Cybersecurity Gold Badge you are only 2 courses away from earning your undergraduate certificate in cybersecurity from Champlain. The undergraduate certificate is a concentrated, carefully selected grouping of courses focused on specific cybersecurity skills. Certificates are regarded by employers and other colleges and universities as academic-level credentials. All AT&T employees are eligible to pursue the certificate with the benefit of the truED tuition savings; please visit your appropriate tuition page on HR OneStop for information on your tuition reimbursement benefits.