Accelerate Your Career With The AT&T Cybersecurity Badges!


As an AT&T employee, you know earning these badges will help accelerate your career.

AT&T carefully selected Champlain College as the provider of choice for their Cybersecurity Badge programs. Our team of academic cybersecurity experts worked closely with security professionals from AT&T to determine which courses at Champlain College Online matched the competencies AT&T wants its employees, like you, to master. 

To learn more about the badges, visit the AT&T Cybersecurity Program Options page.

Get Started Now!  

  1. Decide which AT&T Cybersecurity Badge program you are interested in.
  2. Discuss options with your supervisor at AT&T to determine which badge makes the most sense for you and your career goals and also what tuition reimbursement opportunities are available.
  3. Contact a Champlain College admission representative by completing the form to the right, or call 877.887.3958. 
  4. If you are ready to apply now, go here to apply, create an account and get started on your AT&T Badge application!

Why Champlain College Online?

Along with building your cyber skills-set through our award-winning cybersecurity courses, here are some additional benefits of enrolling in courses with Champlain College Online:

  • Our truED program allows you to earn the AT&T Cybersecurity badges, a degree or certificate quickly and affordably, at a significant discount off Champlain's standard tuition.
  • We're a regionally accredited, nationally recognized college that has unparalleled experience in educating adult students online.
  • Our short terms (just 7 or 8 weeks, depending on the program) and multiple start times per year mean that you can get started quickly and stay focused.
  • Our coursework is designed to be immediately applicable to your professional life, starting on day one.
  • Our online classes have no set meeting time, so you can fit your classwork into your schedule at whatever time of day or night works best for you.
  • You can count on a team of Champlain professionals who understand you are busy and are personally committed to helping you succeed. 

* Courses in the badges may require you to take prerequisite courses. Please see description for details, feel free to contact a Champlain College Online admission representative with questions.