AT&T Cybersecurity Badge Participation Information

The Badges are built specifically for AT&T and are only available to AT&T employees. Created to meet the cybersecurity needs of AT&T, the Badges contain select courses from our Cybersecurity bachelor's degree and certificate program courses; they are rigorous, there will be students in the classes who do not work for AT&T, and if you decide to continue on from the badge the courses will transfer seamlessly into the Champlain College Online Cybersecurity certificate or bachelor's degree.

Getting Started

No matter what program you are interested in you must apply for admission, including for the AT&T Cybersecurity Badge programs. Because the admission requirements for the various program levels differ, students who wish to continue on from the Badge to a degree or certificate must also complete the application process for their new program of interest.

Badge Prerequisite Requirements

Courses in the Cybersecurity Badge programs require certain prerequisite knowledge and must be demonstrated via review by the Champlain College Online Cybersecurity Program Chair. This includes consideration of prior work history via résumé, related industry certifications, and more. AT&T employees who do not demonstrate mastery of prerequisite course content must complete the additional courses prior to taking the required courses.

Financing The Badge

Students are responsible for payment of their courses; AT&T reimburses managers for badge program tuition following course completion, AT&T employees who are not managers should speak with their supervisor or check the HR OneStop tuition page for information regarding their reimbursement eligibility. Champlain College will bill students, regardless of reimbursement eligibility, before the start of the semester and students have the option to pay in full or in monthly installments. The standard Champlain College refund policy applies to badge programs as well as degree and certificate programs.

Badge to Bachelor's Program

AT&T employees who complete the Gold Badge and wish to continue on to the Cybersecurity Bachelor's Degree must submit an application for admission including completed short-answer essay questions and transcripts. Upon application, we review prior work history, certifications and, of course, success in the badge program to award as much transfer credit as appropriate.  AT&T employees receive the current truED preferred tuition rate and should refer to the appropriate tuition policy in HR OneStop for their specific reimubursement details from AT&T.

Champlain College Online Degree & Certificate Programs

AT&T employees who would like to learn more about our other 60+ online programs should visit the Degrees & Certificates section of this site. The truED tuition savings is available for the Badge programs as well as undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs offered 100% online by Champlain College. Additionally, the truED preferred tuition rate is extended to your spouse or domestic partner as well as eligible adult dependents (age 23-26).