Non-Collegiate Transfer Credits

Getting Undergraduate Credit for Professional Development & Training

A wide range of training and professional development activities are considered "college-level learning," and may be eligible for Champlain College transfer credit for undergraduate programs. College-level learning is typically considered learning that requires you to apply information in new situations, analyze this information to make connections among ideas, evaluate this information to use for decision-making, and produce original work based on this information.
In order to be considered for transfer credit, the materials you submit must:

  • Demonstrate college-level learning
  • Align with a required course that is a part of your academic program
  • Be equivalent in course time to three college credits (typically 45 hrs= 3 college credits)
  • Be submitted with a completed form 

Unsure Which Courses You Still Need to Complete Your Academic Program?

You can find out by accessing  your Program Evaluation through Web Advisor

  • Click on Students
  • Under the section heading Academic Profile  click the link Program Evaluation
  • Chose your Active Program
  • Hit Submit
  • Under the Program Requirement section you will see courses completed & grades, transfer credit received, in progress & registered courses
  • Under "Needed" column "one course needed" means you are required to take that course.

Recommended Items to Submit With a Non-Collegiate Transfer Credit Request

Listed below is some of the information  that help us to evaluate your training and professional development activities for transfer credit. We expect you may not have all the items, but the more you're able to provide, the better we are able to make an assessment about their potential for transfer credits.

  • Start and end date of course/training
  • Number of contact hours
  • Accrediting body
  • Required exam/score
  • CEUs awarded
  • Course/training description

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