MS in Accounting

Champlain College online accounting master's degree student

100% Online MS in Accounting that Meets Today's Dynamic Business Needs 

If you're seeking a graduate education that increases your facility with financial data, deepens your critical and creative thinking skills, and enables you to immediately apply your studies to your professional life, take a look at Champlain College's online MS in Accounting degree. Our program was designed with these goals in mind - and it's 100% online, making it the perfect fit for busy working adults.

Our courses help students understand how accounting is integrated into the structure and functioning of their workplace, from IT and other departments all the way up to organizational strategy. Students learn how to perceive the relevance of accounting information to all aspects of organizational health, bringing them from bachelor's-level to graduate-level expertise. Graduate studies are cited by the AICPA as "an excellent way to more fully develop skills such as communication, presentation, and interpersonal relations" and weave them in to newfound technical knowledge. As of 2014, accounting students are required to earn 150 credit hours of education, 30 credit hours beyond a bachelor's degree. The Champlain College MS in Accounting degree meets this threshold, enabling our graduates to sit for the CPA exam.

Prepare for Your Future with an Accounting Master's Degree

Our courses prepare students for meaningful careers by teaching them how to use critical and creative thinking to interpret financial data and recognize the interplay between financial information and the various departments within organizations. In addition, students learn how to create robust systems that ensure useful and secure accounting data. With their multi-layered understanding of the importance of accounting to today's ever-changing business environment, our graduates are poised to have a significant impact in their chosen fields.  

The MS in Accounting degree values hands-on application of coursework from day one, immediately benefiting both the students' employers and the students themselves. Unlike with other programs that may take years to become relevant to your work, our Accounting MS program encourages you to apply the concepts you're learning in the classroom to your everyday professional life. Our students get feedback and support from classmates around the country, and they thrive under the mentorship of the esteemed practitioner-faculty who teach our courses and practice in the workplace.

Because we know that earning a credential is vital to professional growth, the MS in Accounting includes a 12-credit embedded certificate that allows students to broaden their perception of themselves and their business outside of their accounting expertise. Select among certificates in Advanced Management, Business Management, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Positive Organization Development, and Supply Chain Management.   

Benefits of the Champlain Online MS in Accounting Degree:   

  • Finish Your Master's Degree in as Little as 10 Months. We've geared our program toward working professionals who require flexible schedules, which is why the online accounting graduate program allows highly motivated students to earn their master's degree in under a year. With the guidance of their academic advisor, students can complete this degree in as few as 10-months or they can choose to take up to 20 months for completion.  
  • Immediately Apply Accounting Coursework to Your Career. The Champlain Accounting MS program is set up to be more than theory and scholarship. Students are encouraged to bring what they're learning in the classroom into the organizations where they work, and then bring that back to the classroom for feedback. Learning from your experience - and the experience of your classmates - is the best way to turn information into action. Your education will have concrete value as soon as classes begin.  
  • Learn from Accounting Experts and Practitioner-Faculty. Champlain's faculty includes both esteemed accounting professionals and academic scholars. From the marriage of practice with scholarship, students get a well-rounded perspective that builds a solid foundation for their education.  
  • Set Yourself Apart with a Specialization in a High-Growth Field. In addition to earning a graduate degree with the power to propel you into an exciting position, the MS in Accounting program includes a four-course certificate in Advanced Management, Business Management, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Positive Organization Development, or Supply Chain Management. A specialized degree helps you further your career in concert with market needs.  
  • 100% Online Courses Offer Flexibility and Convenience. There's no need to set aside your family, job and personal life for the Champlain MS in Accounting program. Our accounting courses are offered entirely online, allowing you the flexibility to earn your master's degree while balancing your many other priorities and collaborating with other students with their own unique perspectives.