A day in the life

We've designed our online programs with a level of flexibility that allows you to fit school into the times that work for you. We understand that no two students have the same schedule which is why we do not require you to "attend class" at a certain time of day. However, each week we do require students to do the reading, log in and respond to discussion questions and work on their homework on their own time.

General Time Commitment Expectations

The amount of time required for each online course varies according to the course material and the instructor, but here are some general guidelines for how much time you can expect to spend on school each week:

  • 3-credit Undergraduate Course - 10-17 hours per week, per course, depending upon the length of the course (7 week vs. 15 week)

  • 3-credit Graduate Course - 15-20 hours per week, per course

  • 6-credit Graduate Course - 25-30 hours per week, per course (6-credit graduate courses are only offered in the MS in Executive Leadership program)

Adding School to Your Busy Day

Our online students find ways to balance their family and work responsibilities while making time to get their course work done. We often hear about students working on their schoolwork in the early morning hours, on their lunch breaks, after the kids have gone to bed, while commuting on public transportation, or on weekends.  Everyone finds a different way to prioritize and fit school into their schedule.

"I placed a lot of consideration on finding the balance between work, family and school. It was extremely important to me to allocate a certain amount of time of every day to each activity. This helped me to give my undivided attention to each while in the moment."

Jenna H., MBA

Class of 2015