Student Testimonials

Every story is unique. You, like all our adult learners at Champlain College Online, are an individual. You bring your own experiences, history and talents to your program, and you have your own set of goals. And you can achieve remarkable results. We're on your side every step of the way, providing you with the courses you need and the personalized experience you deserve.

Our students' success stories tell us that we're successful. We look forward to being part of your story, too.

See What Our Online Students Have to Say

Online Undergraduate StudentShane

Bachelor's Degree in Computer and Information Systems

"I chose Champlain because the curriculum had an established history for success, offering the flexibility I needed to accommodate my hectic schedule, as well as still having the ability to spend important quality time with my growing family. The accelerated format offers a great way to finish your goals faster, while the mobile app, and flexible schedule make earning your degree or certificate a realistic achievement that truly is obtainable."

"Because of the smaller classes I have been able to build relationships with fellow students that I've shared classes with and some of which I've even stayed in contact with outside of the classroom. Champlain College has given me more then I could do justice in an interview, and I'm more then confident that it can do the same for you."


Online Graduate StudentJenna

Master's Degree in Business Administration

"I chose to pursue a graduate degree because I wanted to develop business acumen that would provide me with confidence and credibility. When it came time to once again look at which institution could provide me with the best experience possible, I felt confident in my decision to apply to Champlain College.

"The small class size made it easier to become familiar with one another and build relationships that would last throughout the program, and well beyond. In addition, the way that the online classes were delivered  made it accessible to me as working adult, while the approachability of the faculty members contributed to the personal feel of a small college."


Online Undergraduate Student


Bachelor's Degree in Business Management

"When I started looking to go to school for business, my manager told me about the programs at Champlain College Online. The affordability and flexible schedule of the courses meant that getting my degree was not only an excellent opportunity but an achievable one. 

"Once enrolled, I found that the online classes were great and that the teachers were knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive. The programs are intense but the combination of the educational material with learning real-life skills about how to become a good leader was invaluable and directly applicable to my workplace."


Online Undergraduate Student


Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Studies  

"I had so much education, but not a formal degree. With Champlain's transfer credit policy, I was able to apply much of the education I already received toward my bachelor's degree, which made receiving my formal degree much more affordable. I feel like the value I received from the school way outweighed the price I had to pay for it. Now I'm ready to take the next step.

"Champlain is a very close-knit community with such a strong sense of welcoming. You gain a little team when you go to college, so trust in yourself because they are there for you. Everyone that helped me through the program was so proud of me when I finished."

Online Undergraduate StudentAnn

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

"I had a two-year degree in liberal arts and humanities and knew I would require a four-year degree to be considered for a new position. I took some accounting classes and enjoyed them, and I saw that the U.S. Department of Labor projected a high demand for employees in accounting and other financial-related fields. Champlain is ranked one of the top schools for an accounting education, so it was the right fit.

"It is nice to have access to experienced and professional instructors who genuinely care about you and understand and respect that you are also working. My opinion was valued as a mature student with a full-time job. My instructors and fellow students came from around the world. I learned more than I expected I would."

Online Undergraduate Student in CybersecurityChristian 

Bachelor's Degree in Cybersecurity

"Studying at Champlain College was a long-sought opportunity for me to get a formal and complete education in IT. I appreciated the school's set-up and environment. The small class sizes allowed better and easier interaction with the professors, and the excellent online class system all allowed me to work and study full time.

"I think that Champlain College is an excellent choice for full-time working adults like me."

Online Undergraduate Student ExperienceDanielle

Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Studies 

"Two years ago, I decided to return to college and obtain my bachelor's degree. Champlain College stood out as the obvious choice for me. Their online courses accommodated my busy schedule with the flexibility I needed. 

"Now the end is in sight, and I am so happy that I chose Champlain. The college makes students feel like they are the top priority. The professors genuinely care about the students and seeing them succeed. And the sense of community has been amazing.  Even as an online student, I never felt disconnected.

"The seven-week accelerated courses allowed me to complete the program faster. And the overall flexibility of the program means you're not tied down to one location—you could travel the world and still get an education."

Mary Trepanier, healthcare administration bachelor's degreeMary

Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration

"My bachelor's degree was something I have wanted since earning my associate in 2002. In 2013, I started a new position that required a bachelor's, which pushed me to complete my degree quickly.  I chose Champlain in large part because of the class size and because it offered the degree I wanted completely online.

"My academic advisor was nothing short of wonderful! She helped me organize (and re-organize) my class schedule to complete my degree at an accelerated pace. She always responded to my emails promptly, and even sent me 'update' emails in order to keep me on track.  Without her knowledge and help, I would not have been able to complete my degree in the timeframe I needed.

"I also loved the online learning classroom app on my smartphone. I was able to complete discussion posts on my phone at any time; day, night, in the car, or even at work on my lunch break!"