What to expect at champlain online

The Online Classroom

Anywhere that you have access to the Internet, you have access to your online classroom, your classmates and your professor. As a result, students from across the country and around the globe are enrolled in Champlain's online programs.

High-quality Programs and Instructors

We set high standards for ourselves. We work hard to ensure we're delivering the high-quality, relevant classes you expect. Our faculty are industry experts and bring you the most work-relevant education available. Our programs are accredited and constantly evaluated to ensure the best possible online student experience is being offered. We continuously strive for excellence because we understand it's not a single prize to be won but an ever-changing frontier to explore.

Interacting With Your Classmates

Our online classrooms are alive with discussion and interaction between passionate instructors and engaged students. In addition to assigned readings and papers, you'll be required to participate in a series of discussion forums centered on a topic chosen by the instructor. You'll interact in threaded discussions with people from different backgrounds while being exposed to new ideas and different perspectives. Students often find that they not only get to know each other and their instructors quite well throughout the online courses, but some of the most valuable takeaways come from the various points of view expressed during the discussions.

How Does Online Learning at Champlain Work?

  • Log in whenever it is convenient for you - 24/7.
  • All requirements are clearly stated in the course syllabus, which you will receive on the first day of class.
  • There are due dates by which you need to turn in assignments, but there are usually no requirements for what time of day - or even which day - you need to log in to read and download lectures, view assignments, or reply to discussions and take tests.
  • Once the online course begins, your lectures and assignments will be posted and will remain posted for the entire semester.
  • What you need for submitting your work are built right into the course, including an assignment tool, a testing tool and even a self-contained email for contacting your classmates and professor privately.
  • For classes that require you to use special software - such as programming languages and web page design applications - you will transfer files to a special student server.

Fitting School In

Our online programs are designed for busy people with busy schedules. There are no set days or times that you need to "attend" class because we want you to tell us when you have the time. However, there are weekly deadlines for discussion responses and handing in coursework. Click here to read more about how our online students fit school into their busy schedules.

Individual Attention for You

We keep our online classes small to maximize the personal attention each student receives from their instructor. Your instructor will evaluate your participation in discussions as well as give you weekly personalized feedback about your coursework and progression throughout the class.

Access to Help and Support

When you start your program at Champlain College Online, you will gain a team of people here to support you from day one through graduation. You will have an academic advisor, a career advisor and your instructors looking out for you. If you find that you need some extra attention, guidance or tutoring, your team will connect you with the help you need.   

Don't Just Take our Word for It 

Check out our student testimonials to hear about what it's like to be a student at Champlain College Online.