What Students Are Saying

Our students graduate ready to engage in their careers, but they begin well before receiving their diplomas. Through our Upside Down Curriculum, our students begin taking classes in their major in their first semester. That means that as a Champlain student, you start learning the language and techniques of your future profession from the very outset of your college years.

By working closely with current students and graduates, our Career Collaborative observes our students as they enter the workforce. Because more than 90% of all respondents to the Career Collaborative Annual Employment Survey for the class of 2011 reported to have found employment within one year of graduation, it is obvious that our students begin the journey towards their careers well before receiving their diplomas.

"My Current manager at GMCR worked with one of my instructors while I was enrolled in his class. The teaching I received was the exact hands on work that I use in my job today!"

-Dan '11, B.S. in Computer Information Technology

"What don't I love about Champlain? I love so many things about this school. I love the location, the way it looks, the people, my classes. I love the way my degree program is set up. I am taking Japanese and Reading and Writing in the Wilderness right now. That is pretty cool."

—Heather '11, B.S. in Game Design

"I love how in your first year you dive right into your major classes as part of the Upside - Down Curriculum. That helped me be passionate about what I was doing."

— Maureen '12, B.S. in International Business

"I really like the professors here. They do a good job of relating to the students, not by trying to use words and terminology to fit in, but by pointing out stuff we see and playing off it smoothly."

— Tevin '14, B.F.A. in Creative Media

"I enjoy being around technically minded and professionally minded people. I really liked the attitude of Champlain, that it's all about developing professionally. I talked to BYOBiz Program Director Bob Bloch about the program, applied for early admission and got in. It's exactly what I wanted."

—Marguerite '12, B.S. in Game Art & Animation