Program Overview

TAP's mission is to attract, support, and develop the most effective teachers and school leaders in the State of Vermont.

  • TAP is designed for individuals with a bachelor's degree and strong content knowledge and work experience who are interested in pursuing a teaching career.
  • TAP is an 8-month full-time non-degree certificate program, including coursework and student teaching with a mentor teacher. There are two intakes per year. The first class begins in mid-August and is completed at the end of March, while the second class begins in early December and is completed in July. Candidates should expect to be engaged from 7:30 to 3:30 five days a week with the exception of school holidays.
  • TAP prepares candidates to become licensed directly through the Vermont Agency of Education.
  • TAP is now accepting applications for its next term.


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  • Minimum of a bachelor's degree with a strong concentration in courses related to the educator endorsement being sought (typically 30 credits or equivalent for high school, 18 credits or equivalent for middle level).
  • Strong content area background and professional experience related to the educator endorsement being sought.
  • Related professional and/or life experiences which would show evidence that the candidate genuinely likes and enjoys working with young people.
  • Ability to make the time commitment necessary for successful and timely completion of the 8-month program.
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Applications are available here. TAP accepts candidates on a rolling admission basis. Since class size is limited, and it can take weeks to secure placement at a Vermont school, it is best to apply as early as possible.

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  • Decide which licensure endorsement you will be pursuing. TAP does not prepare individuals for licensure in elementary education, guidance, or special education.
  • Make sure you're eligible for the program. If you have strong content knowledge in your field through college course work and life and work experiences, and you possess a bachelor's degree, then you meet the minimum requirements for TAP.
  • Complete an application for the desired content area and grade level.
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The internship runs for approximately eight months. The first intake runs from mid-August to late March. The second intake runs from early December to late June. Breaks and holidays shall be consistent with the school calendar.

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  • TAP tuition is $11,900, which shall be due prior to the start of the Program. There is also a $100 non-refundable application fee. If payment is not received by the deadline specified, the applicant forfeits his/her placement in TAP. VSAC is a possible source for grants and loans. More information can be found at
  • Tuition includes all costs associated with the program such as:
    • $1000 non-refundable acceptance, materials, and placement fee
    • an eight-month apprenticeship with a mentor teacher
    • coursework, workshops, and seminars
    • supervision by TAP faculty during your student teaching internship
    • individualized, on-going Level I Portfolio development and assessment
  • TAP arranges two placements for applicants seeking a K-12 endorsement, as required by the VT Agency of Education licensing rules. Interns will be charged an additional $500 fee for the benefit of working with two mentors in two different settings. This fee allows for a mentor honorarium, and additional TAP supervisor observation hours.
  • For an additional $500 fee, candidates can earn a second endorsement. This fee ensures compensation for second mentors and additional TAP supervisor observation hours.

Additional costs include a $200 application fee to the Agency of Education for the State of Vermont for licensure (3 year Level I). For more information, view here.

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In order to be recommended to the state of Vermont for licensure, interns must meet the following requirements:

  1. Full participation in TAP seminars including self-assessment with regular goal setting (see attendance policy)
  2. Successful completion of a solo teaching experience with mentor and TAP supervisor observations and documentation
  3. Completion of the Level I Portfolio and approval as "meets standard" on all tasks (see Vermont Licensure Portfolio)
  4. Passing scores for the Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) and Praxis II® Subject Assessments (Qualifying SAT or GRE scores may replace Praxis I requirement) with scores sent to TAP and the VT AOE from ETS directly

Upon successful completion of the TAP requirements, TAP will issue a letter to the TAP intern recommending the TAP candidate for Level I licensure. Graduate must then complete and submit the VT AOE online application for licensure along with official transcripts, criminal background check, official TAP recommendation letter, licensure application and license fee.

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