Instructor Bios

Champlain College Mediation instructor Susanne Terry

Susanne Terry

Susanne Terry was the creator and first director of the Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies Program at Woodbury College and has been a faculty member for more than 20 years. She is a mediator and consultant in private practice and has worked in several countries-including the United Kingdom, Ghana, Italy and Belgium-as well as extensively throughout the United States.

She was a member and committee chair on the Governor's Commission on Dispute Resolution, a member of a three-person evaluation committee for the Maine Supreme Courts review of Courts of Maine, and past president of the Vermont Mediators Association. She has been a panelist and keynote speaker at many regional and national conferences.

Champlain College Mediation instructor David Specht

David Specht

Since 1985, David Specht has worked as a consultant, coach and mediation facilitator for organizations around the United States. David played a key role in developing the curriculum design for Champlain College's Master of Science in Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies program and currently teaches courses in Identity-Based Conflict and Organizational Conflict on campus. He is also the principal of his own coaching and mediation practice, Specht Consulting & Facilitation in Buckland, Massachusetts.

David's expertise encompasses collaborative problem solving, managing difficult conversations, and developing values-based and decision-making practices. David has also led trainings in areas of leadership development, communication and navigating challenging conversations and meetings. His wide range of clients spans communities and businesses in for-profit sectors of healthcare, manufacturing, finance, retail and entertainment; as well as religious, educational and not-for-profit institutions and government programs and agencies.

In 1993, David cofounded Seeing Things Whole, a non-profit network of business leaders and scholars who work to help organizations, schools and religious communities make thoughtful strategic decisions. He also serves as a contracted mediator, consultant and trainer for the Mediation and Training Collaborative in Greenfield, Massachusetts and is a facilitator coach for Soliya Connect, a program that brings students from the U.S. and Arab-speaking worlds together for dialogue and exploration, and is an acting advisor for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), offering support services to responders deployed to disaster areas.

David resides with his wife on a small farm nearby in the Berkshires, and spends part of his free time tending to active group of healthy chickens.