"This was an amazing, enlightening, and surprising program.  I thought the days would be long, but they flew by. I wouldn't change a thing."

"I learned a tremendous amount of useful tools that I will be able to apply to my life, both personally and professionally. You have inspired me to explore mediation further."

"This experience has been invaluable. You created & fostered an environment that allowed me to continue to reach outside my comfort zone and take risks, without me even realizing I was doing so. I am looking forward to exploring the world of mediation and seeing where this new journey takes me."

"Thank you all for a great workshop! It stretched me way beyond my comfort zone and I look forward to using these new skills I learned in my work in the Human Resources Department for the company I work for."

"Thank you so much for probably the most meaningful training experience I have ever had. I appreciate the consideration that was given for different learning styles, the ease of transition through lessons, the variety of work and opportunities."
~ 2011 Graduate

"The workshop was extremely well-run. I was impressed by the the professionalism and clarity of the presentations. The content was interesting and stimulating. The attitude was one of respect and caring."

"Thank you very much for leading us through such an informative and productive couple of days. I never would have thought that I could learn so much about a new discipline in such a short time. I feel like I have a much better understanding of mediation and how I can use it in my every day life."