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About the Center

Located within Champlain College's Division of Education and Human Studies, the Center for Mediation and Dialogue is one of Champlain's Nine Centers of Experience. This Center provides mediation, facilitation and multi-stakeholder consensus-building services for Champlain College, the Greater Burlington community, the state of Vermont, and beyond.

Educational Opportunities
The Center has several training programs to accommodate various types of interest and experience. Those interested in mediation and dialogue education can take one workshop, or, for those who want to earn a certificate, a series of workshops. We have programs for those wishing to become professional conflict management consultants as well as for those interested in becoming professional family mediators. We also offer a negotiation seminar for those looking to study the art and science of integrative negotiation.

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Applied Practice Services
The Center for Mediation and Dialogue provides a range of services geared toward helping individuals, organizations, communities or groups understand more about one another and to solve difficult problems.

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Champlain College Centers for Experience
Champlain's Centers of Experience are on-campus studio-like environments that provide students from across all majors the opportunity to collaborate on professional projects for live clients. Within these experiential learning environments, students' classroom knowledge is put to the test in practical applications-allowing them to gain real-world experience firsthand.