Divorce and Family Mediation

This course is designed for persons who intend to practice divorce mediation or Parent Coordination. The workshop employs a mixture of teaching techniques including lecture, demonstration, case analysis, and simulation. All participants will have individualized observation and feedback by experienced practicing mediators. To successfully complete the training, participants must fully attend all sessions and demonstrate a basic understanding of the concepts and skills addressed in the training.

Divorce Mediation Training is designed to meet a significant portion of the basic requirements for Practitioner member of the Association for Conflict Resolution and for the Vermont Superior Court Family Mediation Program. The training is in accordance with Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators endorsed by the American Bar Association and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Pre-requisites: all participants must have had a 28 hour Basic Mediation, the CI Skills course at Champlain College, or a comparable training.


LOCATION: Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont
COST: (includes welcome continental breakfast, break snacks, lunches & dinner

  • Workshop 1 - $1500 
  • Workshop 2 - $ 175
  • Workshop 3 - $ 100
  • Workshop 4 - $ 100

($150 discount off full price rate for registration for all four workshops ($1725), if $1450 is paid by XX and arrangements made for the remainder.)

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Dates for Workshop #1 are as follows: 
May 30 - Core Training - Law Day 
June 10 -13 - Core Training 
June 19/20 - Managing Finances in Divorce Mediation 

Cost: $1500

5 days

Workshop Topics:

  • Law regarding children including residence, contact, special circumstance
  • Unauthorized practice of law
  • Uniform Mediation Act
  • Ethical guidelines for attorneys who mediate
  • Application of the law regarding finances including property, debts, investments
  • Overview of tax law & pensions
  • How the court sees Child support

Note: Practicing members of the VT family bar, may eliminate this day of training. ($100 discount)
* Mediation from other states will have key similarities and differences noted.

Workshop Topics:

  • The Framework of Divorce and Separation
  • Components of Divorce & Family Mediation
  • Structure of the Mediation process
  • Continuum of techniques used by the mediator
  • Psychology of divorce and separation
  • Family as a system & family dynamics
  • Divorce Mediation in the shadow of the law
  • Introduction to mediating financial issues
  • Capacity issues in mediation
  • Issues of children in Divorce
  • Power dynamics in the mediation process
  • Professional conduct and ethics
  • Starting your practice
  • Advanced techniques of working with families
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Morning Session
Workshop Topics:

  • Why mediators need to have a basic grasp oftaxes, pensions, & investments
  • The basics of taxes in divorce
  • Key questions to ask
  • Division of assets

Afternoon Session
Workshop Topics:

  • Types of pensions
  • Why some pensions or investments that appear to be equal, are not
  • Nuances of writing financial agreements
  • What are the key things about finances that mediators must know?
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Morning Session
Pre-requisite: Workshop 1
Workshop Topics:

  • How VT Child Support works
  • Basic Structure of child support
  • What does it pay for?
  • Changing child support
  • Why do mediators need to know about child support?
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Morning Session
Pre-requisite: Workshop 1
Workshop Topics:

  • The paperwork of financial aspects of a VT divorce
  • Advanced issues in designing process for financial discussions
  • Working with attorneys in discussions
  • The house—who gets it, who pays for it, what if they continue to own it together
  • When clients own a business/professional practice
  • Who gets what?
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