Negotiation Seminar

Become a better negotiator through our seminar on negotiation theory and practice. Whether you are leading an organization, negotiating a deal, or buying a car, the seminar will help to improve your negotiation skills through a focus on integrative, interest-based negotiation.

Negotiation Theory and Practice

Cost: $600 Regular, $500 Non-Profit Rate
Dates: Postponed

This seminar will help participants to improve their negotiation results in both professional and personal environments. We will review some of the common misconceptions of negotiation and focus on developing skills for integrative, interest-based negotiation. The seminar will feature several practice exercises with debriefs to illustrate the relevant negotiation theory. The seminar will cover:

  • Distributive negotiation
  • Power tactics: how to spot them and what to do
  • Integrative and interest-based approaches
  • Creating value (making the pie bigger)
  • Claiming or distributing value (getting a good slice for yourself)
  • Caring for the relationship and maintaining trust while being assertive
  • Constructive communication to break through impasse