The Artful Mediator

The Artful Mediator is a professional development program for aspiring, intermediate and advanced mediation, dialogue and facilitation practitioners. For those seeking a career in the field, the program may be taken as a complete series in order to achieve a Certificate in Professional Conflict Management. Each workshop builds on the prior workshops so each is a prerequisite for the next (unless waived by program faculty).

The program modules may be taken separately as well for those seeking to advance their knowledge in any of the specific topical areas.

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Introduction to the fundamentals of the mediation process

Cost: $1100
Synchronous online classes meet Wednesday, March 9 and Saturdays and Tuesdays March 12–April 2, 2022 (8 sessions)

If you manage conflict in your work, are exploring mediation as a possible future vocation or want to learn about mediation as a resource for clients, this workshop in basic mediation techniques is for you. A mediator guides difficult discussions, encouraging people to find a satisfactory outcome. Mediation can help resolve disputes among co-workers, neighbors, business partners or business owners and clients. Participants in this workshop will learn and practice skills in:

  • Identifying and framing issues
  • Listening for interests
  • Controlling the process
  • Helping disputants solve problems
  • Finalizing agreements

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Future dates to be determined. Check back for updates.

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Building better questions, better frames, and staying organized in mediation
Cost: $700
Non-profit rate: $650

  • Spring session begins April 26 with synchronous online classes meet Tuesdays and Saturdays, 12–4PM: April 26–May 7, 2022 (4 sessions)

Prerequisite: Basic Mediation

Designed to have participants further build their capacity of thinking like a mediator and understanding the necessity of reflective practice. 60% of the two days will be practice. Topics emphasized will be:

  • Elegant questions
  • Managing the process
  • Organizing the material
  • Using visuals
  • Framing
  • Reflecting on the "why" of particular choices
  • Gaining better understanding of the function of Interests and Issues

Future dates to be determined. Check back for updates.

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Reflective practice and navigating the professional mediation environment
Cost: $700, Non-profit rate: $650
Synchronous online classes meet Tuesdays and Saturdays, 12 pm - 4 pm: May 24–June 4, 2022  (4 sessions)
Pre-requisite: Mediation 2

Designed to help participants have a more fluid approach and to invite them to start to look around at the wider context in which we operate - the legal system, professional standards, a variety of modes of practice. Half of each day would be practice and half would be an exploration of the concepts mentioned above. Topics emphasized would be:

  • Understand concept of a "working hypothesis"
  • Understanding Standards of Conduct
  • Working with attorneys and advocates
  • Introduction to coaching
  • Introduction to Reflective Debrief

Future dates to be determined. Check back for updates.

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Putting it to work: tools and skills for diverse areas of practice
Cost:   $1500, Non-profit rate: $1200
3 days (24 hours)
Pre reqs: Seminars 2 or 3

Designed to help participants have a better understanding of the types of professional conflict work available in addition to mediation and expanding our view of practice.
One third of the 3 days will be devoted to skill practice, one third to introduction of new tools & processes, and one third to practice of new tools.
Topics emphasized will be:

  • Working with more than two parties
  • Intervenors' roles in Organizations
  • Ethics of work outside traditional role of mediator
  • Contracting Interviews
  • Organizational assessments
  • Introduction to conflict style assessment tools

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Change through elegant processes
Cost: $1500, Non-Profit rate: $1200
Pre reqs: Seminars 2 or 3

Sometimes the problems go beyond the tools necessary for interpersonal or even small group mediation processes.  Larger scale change require processes that fit the scale. The processes covered in this seminar are meant to catalyze large-scale change.  While they are distinct from mediation, in this workshop, we will be looking at how to infuse the processes with mediation skills and abilities.  
Topics emphasized will be:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Collective impact
  • Dialogue Processes
  • Designing Processes for Family,
  • Organizational and Public Issues
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Cost:   $2000, Non-Profit Rate: $1500
Pre-reqs: Basic Mediation + seminars 2-5

This module is tailored for each participant's needs and goals as they continue to develop their skills and practice.  While there will be some shared activities, the majority of the instruction will be focused on each participant's skills and  advancing their career goals. This module will be conducted in a coaching modality.
General topics to be covered will include:

  • Developing reflective practice
  • Marketing your services
  • Tailored skills review
  • Observation and coaching

Module 6 will be conducted online and over phone.  A minimum of three online group sessions will be scheduled but the bulk of the work will be via video individually.  The module will contain approximately 24 hours of content and coaching but will be conducted over the course of 3 months.

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