The Work We Do

The Center offers a wide range of mediation and dialogue services including:

  • Mediation for individuals in conflict seeking to avoid litigation.
  • Facilitation services for communities and organizations looking to resolve difficult questions around differing visions of the future as well as the strategies and resources needed to move toward preferred futures.
  • Design and facilitation of multi-stakeholder dialogue processes to generate consensus around difficult policy and regulatory questions.

Our work helps parties to define issues, set common agendas, share the best scientific information available and better understand each other's perspectives to find common ground on which to move forward.

Our faculty-practitioners have experience in designing and implementing processes  all over the world, working with individuals, community organizations, non-profits, colleges and universities, corporations, governments, intergovernmental organizations and financial institutions.  They have worked all over the United States as well as in Mexico, Haiti, Morocco, Argentina, Ecuador and elsewhere.