FAQs about BYOBiz

Q: Do you have to be a Business major in order to be in the BYOBiz program?

A:Not at all. While we expect some students to be interested in Business, the program is open to all majors. Whether your major is Marketing, eBusiness, Multimedia & Graphic Design, Professional Writing, etc., you are welcome to apply to the BYOBiz program. We realize entrepreneurs come with all different kinds of passion and interests.

Q: Do you have to have your own business already in order to apply to the BYOBiz program?

A: No you don't. You might, but it's not required. You might have a great concept, an idea that you are passionate about or an established business. Our goal is to help you realize your personal goal even if you haven't started it yet. You will need to articulate your idea and convey your vision but you can come to Champlain and then start your business with our support.

Q: Will I receive any college credits for joining the BYOBiz program?

A: You don't earn credits just by entering the BYOBiz program, but you have opportunities to earn credits as you pursue your business. Each participating major is handled differently, but by using your business for project coursework and/or internships you effectively accrue credits for establishing, running and growing your business.

Q: Do you have to be enrolled as a Champlain College student in order to participate in the BYOBiz program?

A: Yes. The first step is to apply and be accepted to the academic program for your selected course of study; concurrently you can complete the additional materials for the BYOBiz program.

Q. What if I'm not ready for BYOBiz?

A: If you like the idea of BYOBiz but you're just not ready to take the plunge you can still receive guidance and support as you develop your business idea.