The Center For Financial Literacy

Upcoming Program: Vermont High School Teacher's Financial Literacy Summer Institute 2017

Cost of program is free - accepted educators will get 100% scholarship award. Apply now.

Generously sponsored by Next Gen Personal Finance, a non-profit organization that connects educators with free resources and equip students with the knowledge and skills to lead financially successful and fulfilling lives.

The goal of the Institute is to increase the financial literacy and instructional capability of teachers through targeted training on financial literacy topics. The Institute is exclusively for Vermont high school educators. Teachers who complete the training will have the confidence, skills and curriculum tools to successfully train their students in financial literacy topics.

The Center for Financial LiteracyChamplain College's nationally acclaimed, one-of-a-kind financial literacy program hopes to increase knowledge of money matters in classrooms across Vermont, ensure college students graduate with the skills to make sound decisions about spending, credit and investments, and help adults navigate difficult financial situations like buying a home and saving for retirement. The Center for Financial Literacy is a partnership among several financial institutions, non-profit entities and governmental agencies.

The Center is designed to promote and develop financial literacy skills in K-12 students, college students, teachers (K-12 and college) and adults. The Center will also advocate for more financial education opportunities at the local, state and national level. The Center has launched a variety of programs aimed at increasing the personal finance sophistication of our citizens.

A lack of knowledge about credit, investing and financial planning is at the heart of the recent economic downturn. "The Great Recession demonstrated that our citizens struggle when making complex financial decisions that are critical to their well being. Some of our economic problems were created by bad actors, focused on personal gain, but so many others were created by good people making poorly informed personal financial decisions," notes the Center's director, John Pelletier.

John Pelletier of Stowe, Director of the Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College, is a former chief operating officer and chief legal officer at some of the largest asset management firms in the U. S..