Catherine Stamm

Digital Forensics Intern

Catherine Stamm Catherine Stamm is a senior from North Babylon, New York majoring in Computer and Digital Forensics at Champlain College. Cat works as a Student Intern at LCDI where she is involved in researching digital forensic topics and working on digital forensics cases. Currently Cat is working on malware analysis with Volatility. She's interested in figuring out most of Volatility's capabilities in order to help her with a case she has. In the past, Cat has worked on iPhone Forensics and Mac RAM Analysis.

For about a year, Cat has been the IT intern at HOPE Works. Whenever there is a problem with the network or a computer needs to be cleared out or someone just needs to be connected to the printer, she gets called in to help and make sure things are running smoothly. In middle school, Cat always wanted to be a forensic scientist. Once she took biology though, she realized she didn't have the stomach to dissect animals or deal with large amounts of blood. Upon research other branches of forensics, she came across computer forensics. Being that she was always messing around on computers, she chose to major in digital forensics and love it so far.

In the state of Vermont, Cat is a certified Crisis Worker and is currently looking into getting her ACE Certification. She really enjoys doing mobile forensics. There are a lot of new devices coming out, so she definitely wouldn't mind working on projects that allow her to do mobile forensics. Right now Cat doesn't really have a plan for when it comes to what she wants to do after graduation. She is going to apply all over the United States and Europe and wherever she's lucky enough to get a job is where she will go. Eventually, Cat wants to be a consultant and travel the world.