Connor Hicks


Connor Hicks Connor Hicks is a junior from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts majoring in Computer Science and Innovation at Champlain College. Connor works as a Student Intern at LCDI where he is involved in project TAPEWORM. Currently Connor is working on Tapeworm as a software developer, and is helping prepare the product for its release in October.

Connor is a Peer Advisor for Whiting Hall, and part of the LEAD Community Service Track. He is an active member of CHAMP, the group that organizes major student activities and events on campus. He also participates in the Allies in Mentoring program run by the Center for Service and Civic Engagement. Connor has volunteered and worked at the Higgins Armory Museum for 3 years. In High School, he was part of the Shrewsbury Robotics Team for 3 years, where they built robots to compete in FIRST Robotics competitions.

When he first came to this college, Connor thought that he wanted to be a game design major. He had been an avid gamer in High School, and thought it would be interesting to make games of his own. As it turns out, game design was not a career that Connor particularly enjoyed, and he felt it would be difficult to find a good job coming out of college with a game design degree. One thing that Connor really missed in his first year of college was Math classes. Math had always been his strongest subject in High School, and he became interested in looking for a different major at this college that would involve Math. Unfortunately, this college does not offer a math major, but Connor found that many of the principles of mathematics can be applied in the world of software engineering, so he decided to pursue that as his new major. Connor is currently considering minoring in Mathematics. Math is a subject that he loves, and he his very interested in taking more Math classes in college.

Connor is unsure of what he wants to do after Champlain, but he knows he wants to find a comfortable job that will allow him to make a decent amount of money.