Ethan Fleisher

Digital Forensics Intern

Ethan Fleisher Ethan Fleisher is a senior from Carlisle, Pennsylvania majoring in Computer and Digital Forensics at Champlain College. Ethan works as a Digital Forensic Intern at the LCDI where he helps manage project workload, perform forensic analysis, and help with research and development.

Ethan has performed research on many topics while working at the LCDI with his primary focus being preliminary cutting edge forensic research on the Windows 8 operating system. Throughout his time at the LCDI, Ethan has accomplished many other tasks as well, including acting as network administrator for a period of time and managing a variety of projects that help to fulfill LCDI goals, and helping those around the lab when they are in need.

Ethan is an AccessData Certified Examiner that aspires to obtain more certifications, ranging from the EnCe to CCE to the various SANS certifications that are available. Upon graduation, Ethan seeks to work for a private contractor as a computer forensic consultant.