Frederick Morey

Digital Forensics Research Assistant

Frederick Morey Frederick Morey is a junior from Middle Granville, NY majoring in Computer and Digital Forensics at Champlain College. Fred works as a Forensic Assistant at LCDI where he is involved in research and development. Currently Fred is working on developing a digital forensics benchmark to compare different computers. This benchmark is meant to make it so people in the digital forensic field can determine what hardware is the best for performing digital forensic tasks.

Outside of work and classes, Fred enjoys spending time with friends, attending meetings of the Champlain Auto Enthusiasts club and playing video games. Fred has never had an opportunity to work in his field until he learned about the LCDI; this is his first job in his intended field.

Fred chose his major because it had always interested him. After Champlain Fred hopes to either work in the private district for a large company or to work for the Military. Fred really enjoys research and development jobs; trying to put together something that has never been put together before.