Josh Lowery

Digital Forensics Intern

Josh Lowery Joshua Lowery is a senior from Fort Dodge, Iowa majoring in Computer and Digital Forensics at Champlain College. Josh works as a Student Intern at LCDI where he is involved in using Linux for forensics purposes, network monitoring tools, project management software, and networking forensics. Currently, Josh is working on comparing open-source forensics tools to their proprietary counterparts. This project will use different tools on the same evidence to produce similar results. This will hopefully show the forensics community that they do not need to purchase expensive software for small projects and instead are able to download open-source software to achieve the same results.

When not at the LCDI Joshua enjoys swimming, reading, tinkering with new gadgets, and learning new things. Joshua has volunteered in a couple different places while studying computer technologies including the help desk at Iowa Central Community College where he performed a variety of computer repairs and maintenance on school and private equipment. He has also interned at Corn Belt Co-Op in Humboldt Iowa as a system administrator where he helped rewire the facility, work on physical and virtual servers, perform help desk functions, and monitor multiple work sites. This summer Josh had the opportunity to work for the LCDI as an intern where he was able to do multiple tasks including forensics research projects, data recovery jobs, and forensics investigations for the state of Vermont.

Josh picked Champlain College when he started looking into computer forensics as a major after he took a class at Iowa Central called Cyber-Terrorism. This sparked his interest in forensics and he started looking for schools that had forensics as a major and Champlain College was the top result. Josh visited here for an open house and fell in love with the school. Josh has a computer repair certificate and is very close to getting his AA in Computer Networking and a BA in Informational Technology. He would like to do more work promoting the Free Open Source Software (FOSS) movement in the digital forensics field. Josh also enjoys working with Linux and would like to see what forensics related information he can get both by examining it and using Linux to perform investigations. After Champlain College Josh would like to have a job doing the exact same thing that he is currently doing at the LCDI. He enjoys doing research in the forensics field as well as being able to do investigations when they need to be done. Josh would also really enjoy a consulting job that allows me to travel wherever he is needed.