10:00 AM

The Governor's personal perspective on Financial Literacy with Q&A session - Governor Peter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont

10:15 AM

Welcome to Champlain College - David Finney, President, Champlain College

10:25 AM

Welcome to the Summit - Philip Daniels, Market President, Vermont, TD Bank

10:35 AM

Review of the Day's Events, Quick Quiz - John Pelletier, Director, Center for Financial Literacy, Champlain College

10:45 AM

Champlain College Students present prototype video game concepts for financial literacy education; a Student and Faculty presentation - Ann DeMarle, Director, Emergent Media Center, Champlain College

11:20 AM

Message from U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

11:30 AM

Why Financial Literacy is Important to Vermont - Elizabeth Pearce, Vermont State Treasurer

11:40 AM

The Importance of Teacher Training on Personal Finance Topics; National and Regional Trends in Financial Literacy - Ted Beck, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Endowment for Financial Education

12:20 PM

Luncheon Breakout Exercise Instructions: Public policy suggestions for enhancing Financial Literacy from participants at the Summit: K-12, Collegiate, Adult

12:25 PM - 1:25 PM

Break / Working Lunch - Breakout Exercise

1:25 PM

Review of Vermont's Results from the National Financial Capability Study and a review of other FINRA initiatives - John Gannon, Senior Vice President, Investor Education, FINRA and President, FINRA Investor Education Foundation

1:55 PM

Review of the Vermont High School Survey on Personal Finance Education John Pelletier, Director, Center for Financial Literacy, Champlain College

2:25 PM

The Economic Consequences of Financial Illiteracy - Art Woolf, Associate Professor of Economics at University of Vermont and President, Vermont Council on Economic Education

2:40 PM

Panel Discussion led by Art Woolf on how some high schools have successfully brought personal finance education into the classroom - Dan Hebert, Director of Professional Development Instruction, Regional Director - Northeast, Jump$tart Coalition; John Everett, Superintendent, South Burlington School District; Ed Webbley, Principal, Vergennes Union High School; David Lamberti, Teacher of Economics and Personal Finance, Burlington High School; Teresa Smith, Teacher of Mathematics, Vergennes Union High School; and Steve Orzech, Social Studies and Technology Teacher, Vergennes Union High School

3:20 PM

Thank you for Coming to the Summit - Chris Graff, Vice President of Communications, National Life Group

3:25 PM

Review of the results from the lunch breakout exercise and closing remarks - John Pelletier, Director, Center for Financial Literacy, Champlain College