Recruitment Results

Summer Institute Teacher Recruitment

The Summer Institute enrolled 24 teachers in Year One (2011), followed by 32 teachers in Year Two (2012), and 42 teachers in Year Three (2013), for a total of 98 participants, which is 92% of our original goal of 105 teachers. Also, the program sought to reach all corners of Vermont by reaching 75% of Vermont’s 59 supervisory unions. By enrolling teachers from 46 of the 59 of these supervisory unions, the program attained 105% of this goal.

The Summer Institute incorporated enhancements well beyond a regular class at the college to attract teachers to attend, including:

  1. Free Room and Board: Rooms in conference style dorms and meals in the cafeteria for teachers who live more than 40 miles from campus.
  2. Financial Literacy Resource ToolKit: Each participant received a “ToolKit” of personal finance resources valued at about $400 to take back to their school and classroom.
  3. Scholarships: Many schools covered the $1,200 tuition as part of Professional Development, but some did not. Over three years scholarships valued at just over $35,000 were awarded.
  4. Personal Connection: Biographies and pictures of enrollees and of instructors were compiled and shared prior to the class. This effort to build familiarity helped create class cohesion and enabled a quick start and effective collaboration.