LaunchVT Collegiate

What is LaunchVT Collegiate?

LaunchVT Collegiate is a business pitch competition for Vermont undergraduate college students. Nine Vermont colleges and universities, including Champlain College are participating. Each school will select a student entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team to represent it in the LaunchVT Collegiate competition, which is typically held at Vermont Technical College.

Champlain College students with a business idea (operating business not necessary) may enter the LaunchVT Champlain competition and present their business idea to a panel of judges. The winner will represent Champlain in the LaunchVT Collegiate competition.

Why compete?

  1. LaunchVT is a great way to sharpen your idea and to learn how to pitch it effectively to raise capital and attract talent and supporters. Expert coaching and mentoring is provided throughout the process.
  2. Big Prizes:
    • The winner of LaunchVT Champlain earns a $2,000 cash prize, 2nd place earns a $750 prize, and 3rd  place earns a $250 prize
    • The winner of the LaunchVT Collegiate earns a $6,000 cash prize plus a guaranteed place in the finals of the big LaunchVT competition held later in the spring, 2nd place wins $2,000 cash and 3rd place takes home $500 cash.
    • The winner of LaunchVT earns a $30,000 cash prize plus approximately $45,000 in business services (legal, accounting, web development, marketing, etc.).
  3. It's worth noting that all the last three winners of LaunchVT  were all college age or recent graduates.
  4. If you do not win LaunchVT Champlain or LaunchVT Collegiate, you can still enter LaunchVT, but with a much better chance of winning.

How do I compete?

Competitors will have ten minutes to present their idea. Presentations should provide compelling answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your business idea?
  2. Does it solve a problem? For whom?
  3. How does your business idea work?
  4. How does it fit in today's market?
  5. What makes this idea unique from the competition?
  6. How will you execute?
  7. How do you plan to use the prize money to advance your business idea?

I am interested. What next?

To find out more or to enter LaunchVT Collegiate, contact Kylie King, Program Director of CIE at

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